Pak Iran Border Agreement

“The five points are open from today. Taftan is the most important limit for travel and trade,” said Aisha Farooqui. The Deputy Governor General for Security issues in Sistan and Baluchestan, Mohammad Hadi Marashi, and the Secretary General of Balochistan Province, Fazil Asghar, signed the border agreement as head of the delegations of both countries. Improved economic and political relations between Iran and Pakistan have called for a wave of bilateral agreements between the Iranian and Pakistani authorities. Techno-entrepreneurship is the hot topic of debate in global development and many joint projects have been carried out in the ECO region (Pakistan-Iran-Turkey) since 2016. ScienceTech Center was the first joint techno-entrepreneurship centre created by Pakistani and Iranian entrepreneurs as part of a joint agreement between CODE Entrepreneurship Consultants Ltd (Pakistan) and Ideparvaran MashreghQazal Ltd (Iran). [91] [92] Several events under this platform are organized by the [Pakistan in Iran] and the Iranian authorities under the title KarafarinShow in Iran, Pakistan and Turkey. [93] In 2005, IAEA evidence showed that Pakistan`s cooperation with Iran`s nuclear program was limited to “non-military spheres”[75] and that it was peaceful in nature. [75] Tehran had offered up to $5 billion in 1990 for nuclear weapons offers, but was strongly rejected. Centrifuge technology was transferred in 1989; Since then, there have been no other atoms for peace agreements. [75] After an attack on Pakistani soldiers near the Iranian-Pakistan border that killed six Pakistani soldiers last month, the country`s army chief, General Qamar Bajwa, called on his Iranian counterpart, General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri, to take action against local militias operating in Iran and accused him of carrying out the attack. While it is possible to identify the frustration in Bajwa`s tone, both sides have concluded their call for cooperation. They also pledged to strengthen security along their shared border.

This promise is not new. Last year, Pakistan and Iran agreed on the creation of a joint rapid reaction force. The objective of the force is to coordinate border security and ensure that neither country can serve as a base for insurgents, especially local Balochistan militias, which have long fought for the independence of Pakistan and Iran. KARACHI: Starting Sunday, Pakistan will resume trade at four of its crossing points with Iran, weeks after the opening of its main Taftan crossing on June 17, a Foreign Ministry spokesman told Arab News on Sunday. Pakistan`s border with Iran has always been a permeable border. There are no large mountain ranges or complex river systems separating the two countries, and the Balochistan region, which criss-crosses the two nations, is largely dry and dry. For most of their shared history, ancient Persian kings, mogul emperors and safawide shahs crossed the common border and spread Persian influence beyond the Indus River into pakistan and today`s India.