Wiley Signed License Agreement

Connect to Wiley Author Services. Look for the box on the right side of “My dashboard” entitled “Can`t find your article?” Click “Search Now” to find your article with both search options – “Journal Search” and “Search for Articles” In the article`s results list, click the “My Missing Article” button to add the missing item to your Author Services dashboard How to view my dashboard on Wiley Author Services? Go to Wiley Author`s homepage and search for the “LOGIN” button at the top right – click here to log into your account. You can also use this link. Once connected, you will be redirected to My dashboard. How do I sign up for Wiley Author Services? If you are an author who is accepted into a Wiley journal and we have a recording of your email address from the manuscript, we will automatically send you an invitation email with a record or login connection. If you sign up for a Wiley Author Services account without using this email, we strongly advise you to use the same email address used in the manuscript transmission process, which ensures that we can link your items to your account. If you have signed up for a Wiley Author Services account with another email address, read “Change my email address for Wiley Author Services” to make sure we can link your articles. After you sign up, you can log into your Wiley Author Services account with your email address and password. Click here to sign up for a Wiley Author Services account. Click here to log into your Wiley Author Services account. Do you need help? Check out our registration and login manual. What can I do if I can`t see the “SIGN LICENSE” button on my dashboard? The “SIGN LICENSE” button appears on each item for which a signed license is required.

All available items are displayed in “My Dashboard.” If you don`t see the button: You may have already signed your license and the “VIEW LICENSE” button is visible, instead your type of item doesn`t require a license to be signed. Watch “Sign my article license with Author Services.” If the “SIGN LICENSE” button is not visible and you think it`s due to an error, contact customer service. I have an article in production for a Wiley Journal, but I haven`t received an email about signing up for Author Services. What am I supposed to do? Author Services is not used for some Wiley logs that manage the offline production process. You can contact customer service if you want to include your item in your Author Services account. How do I change the address (s) that is associated with my Wiley Author Services account? If you want to change your email settings, you can do so in “My Profile” in your Wiley Author Services account. Here are the email settings you can change: EMAIL – This email address is used to connect to Wiley Author Services. ALERTS – This email address receives notifications from the Wiley Author service system. You can also specify which warnings you want to receive. How do I rebalance my password? If you`re trying to log into your account and you don`t remember your password, click “Forgotten Password” on the “LOGIN” page – add your main email or recovery address, and you`ll receive an email with details to reset your password.