what about retakes?

Retakes will be done by request, in our Martinsburg studio. Retakes are free for any issue over which we had control. Please contact us about setting up a retake appointment... please note that we reserve the right to use a different background and lighting for retakes.

will pictures be retouched?

In some cases you may be able to see the background edges, or other items that are not normally part of the picture. We will take care of those things at no charge when you place your order. Also, most standard retouching for exposure and color balance will be done automatically. Please let us know if there are other items you feel need to be addressed.

can i order specialty items online?

If an item is not listed in the price list, it can be ordered by calling or coming into our studio. We recommend a studio appointment in cases where you want to be sure we get proper personalization, or you want to discuss your ideas. Please call us at 304-263-3100 to set up your appointment.

what if I can't find some of my dancer's photos?

All photos are placed online. In all cases, any dancer who presented themselves for individual portraits will have portraits online. Please look in the lower right corner of the gallery to select the "Last Name ?" that will pull up the gallery of dancers with a certain last name starting with a letter of the alphabet. For example, if your child's name is Jones, then select the drop down item of "Last Name J" to see all dancer photos with a last name starting with "J." Please contact us directly if you still cannot find your dancer's photos.

where are the group/class photos?

Group & Class photos for some studios are not put online until the day of the dress rehearsal. But they are always shown in a separate gallery. Please look for that gallery listing on the dance photos page.

When those photos are available, a separate entry in the gallery will show "Group Photos".

my dancer had photos done with a friend, but i don't see them?

Please look under the names of BOTH dancers. We always use the name of one dancer or another, and do not post it under both names.

can i have my portraits done in your studio instead?

Yes. There is a $100 session available which includes a $75 credit toward your order. A portion of the $25 session fee is donated to the dance competition group. You may extend your session to a full portrait sitting for only $50 more, and includes family photos, photos of other people, and pretty much whatever you want. The order credit goes up to $100 with a full sitting.

can i post these photos online (such as on Facebook?)


Images in the gallery and printed copies that you purchase cannot be shared online without our express written permission. Sharing images online is a copyright violation. We will be happy to offer you a Facebook image upon request, but please limit your requests to three or fewer images.

In some cases, the gallery lists a "Social Media" button, which gives you the ability to share an image or gallery.

have other questions?

We don't mind questions. We want you to be assured about your order and images. There isn't much we can't fix about photos that you don't like. Please let us know your concerns.