Pixifi Customization & Installation

Template & Custom CSS

For your Pixifi system, we are able to offer templated and custom CSS programming for any of your brands within a standard Pixifi installation. This includes those installations at all levels (Essential, Boutique, and Studio Pro). Details are available for each of our custom layouts below, but here's what we can do for you:

BASIC Brand Set (pages shown below) - This set of five designed and tested CSS codings include a logo border & drop shadow (centered on most pages), background color change (from your logo, or color you specify), and clean edges (as needed). This set includes these five pages (for one brand): Inquiry Form, public-facing Invoice, public-facing Questionnaire, public-facing Contract, and the Client Portal. Each set comes with fully detailed instructions on how to use the code provided, how to install it, and how to test it. We will also install it for you at a small additional fee.

Proposal/Pricing Set (individually or together) - Your Proposal and Pricing pages are where a lot of your clients spend time choosing their package, signing their contracts and being wooed by your charm. Go "all the way" and add these two important pages to your full branding beautification.

Workshop custom branding (for Studio Pro only) - If you offer Workshops as part of your studio services, you want it to be both functional (which it already is, thanks to Pixifi) and beautiful. Make your workshops shine with an overhaul of your public-facing page.

Booking Pages - We'll create a set of code you can use to customize each of your Booking pages with your brand, colors, and more. And, for those special Booking events, we will offer a Theme Pack that will add special color themes, beautiful backgrounds, and yet another reason for your clients to book with confidence that you present as a professional!

Custom Designs Available - If you want to completely redesign your public-facing pages so that they show off your style, we can add background images (with or without an opacity shift), customize buttons on any pages (text and/or colors), as well as custom layout of pages such as your Inquiry Form, Questionnaires, and more. This is done on an individual basis and after a consultation and estimate is submitted.

All work is guaranteed! If it doesn't work, we'll make it work! If we can't make it work, we will refund what you've paid. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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