senior models

Senior Models Info

Welcome! If you're here, it means you're interested in learning more about our senior models program. We have a lot to tell you, so either print this out, or take notes.

Who qualifies?

First and foremost, we can only take 2-3 seniors PER SCHOOL. So, if you're the fourth or fifth applicant, you may not qualify. Get your application in early, get your interview out of the way, and have a test shoot done right away.

Second, you need to have a great personality. We don't want wallflowers representing our brand... we want excited, fun, and engaging young people who want to talk about us, earn some free stuff, and make some money! Also, there's adventures to be had...!

Third, you're going to need to have an interview and test shoot. We need dynamic models who can handle the questions, endure the sessions and can get excited about all the great things we have to offer this year!

Finally, there is an order deposit of $249. We charge an order deposit to cover costs associated with all of the portrait sessions, fashion and makeup sessions we may encounter on your behalf, if you decide not to fulfill your model obligations through the entire Senior Model period. The $249 is returned as a discount off your first order once we do your senior portraits.

The model interview and test shoot are free. No obligation. Nothing to buy. We aren't going to ask for a credit card or a deposit. We want to meet you. We want to photograph your face. We want to laugh and have some fun. Relax. We're fun people. You need to bring a parent our guaradian. We cannot interview you or take your pictures without parental consent... no exceptions.

Please show up ready to photograph, though. Hair ready. Makeup done (not too much, though). And wear something in which you want to have pictures.

You can get started right now by sending us your info at our Model Inquiry Page.

What to expect

First, if you haven't seen our seniors program, go take a look by clicking here. Then come back.

For your test shoot, we will take a few studio shots, then (weather permitting) a few outdoor shots as well.

If you're accepted into the program, we will begin scheduling your photo shoots right away. The objective is to get your pictures out there right away!

We're going to take pictures of you. Lots of them. In-studio and at least one on-location session in a town or setting around here. We look for unusual areas, but we'll always tell you what to bring... you're also always welcome to bring a parent, sibling, or friend. Last year, we did three city shoots, two water shoots, and a special effects shoot with smoke and colors.

We will produce a collection of our favorite pictures. There will be a lot of pictures to select from, but we'll give you a great selection to show off! This is YOURS TO SHOW OFF!

You show your pictures around, answer questions from classmates (you can also talk to seniors from OTHER schools), and hand out the information they need to make an informed decision.

For every referral that books their session and places an order, you get a $50 order credit PLUS a $50 VISA gift card that can be used anywhere! (based on the client's minimum order of $250)

We also run contests and promotions that you can get involved with, such as dinner out for two, movie tickets, and more... just keep in touch with us to learn more about them!

You're also entitled to another FREE portrait session with YOUR ideas and clothing, on your schedule, any time after July 1.

Sound like fun? Call us at 304-263-3100 or go straight to our Senior Model Inquiry Page to get more info or to schedule an interview.