picture week information


All Galleries are live. Click below.

Some things for you to bear in mind when looking through the images:

  • All images are previews... which means they have not been fully retouched. You may see spots on the floor, complexions that need extra attention, or parts of the background that are at the very edge. Those are things that we can take care of when you place your order. If you see something specific that requires attention, please let us know when you place your order.
  • We have applied special effects to some images (as a duplicate of the original image, still in the gallery). The objective is to demonstrate not only what we can do, but that other options are available for your images. We encourage you to set up an appointment to go over any special effects or processes you may wish to use for your dancer's photos. Any image within the gallery that has had a special effect applied already is available for purchase individually or as part of a package.
  • You can mark images as favorites. After marking them, they will remain as your favorites when you log in next time.
  • You may purchase image files of individual images. Look under the Digital Media when you "Buy Photo" for an item. The more you buy, the cheaper they are!
  • Group/Class portraits are sold separately in their own gallery. Image file downloads are not available for class pictures, and packages do not apply to class photos. If you place your order for group pictures after your individual order (and before the individual order is shipped - such as on the same day), select "Pick Up" and we will ship it along with your individual order. If you ordered only individual image files, and wish to have your group order shipped, you will need to select the preferred shipping option.

The password is dance2015.

You can visit the individual dance pictures by CLICKING HERE.

You can visit the group dance pictures by CLICKING HERE.

action photo information


ACTION PHOTO DOWNLOADS THIS YEAR! For the 2015 recital, we will be offering the ability for you to download the images we've taken. They will all be color-balanced and exposed for best print reproduction, should you wish to do so. Pricing will be very similar to 4x6 prints, with some modifications to lower quantities. For those of you who have lots of photos, expect prices as low as $1.50 per image files, though, when bought in quantity.

Note 1: To understand the discount pricing for Action photos, PLEASE READ the "Description" item next to the "Full Resolution" download product under the "Digital Media" tab.

Note 2: If you want to take advantage of the "print package deal" (i.e., 10-19 prints for $25), that can be done simply by adding that many 4x6 prints to your cart. The pricing is as follows: (4x6s only) 1-4 is $4/each. 5-8 is $3/each. 9-19 is $25 flat fee. And 20+ is $35 flat fee (limit 30 prints).

Note 3: No prints have been premade, and cannot be viewed at our studio. Only photos ordered will be printed.

Note 4: All images have been grouped by the dance number in which they were performed (according to the program guide available at Dress Rehearsal).

The Action Photos are not available.