Daily archives "May 12, 2010"

Kristen and Justin got engaged

What a delightful couple these two are… very down to earth, and we clicked almost instantly.  They are great together, and I really enjoyed spending some time with them shooting their engagement photos, and will be honored to be photographing their wedding in October.

One Intense Kid

It doesn’t take much to see how committed some kids are to their activities.  Whether it’s sports, dance, school, or even karate, you can tell pretty quickly how deeply they love what they’re doing.  And one karate instructor seems to have some pretty great students, who adore him – Rick of Rick’s Karate.  This little lady, seven, came to us for something unique and which demonstrated some of her skills.

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Thank you VERY much…!

So, mom brings in her kids for some much-needed portraits.  The kids were super cooperative, and we did some pictures in the studio and some out in our portrait park.  It was great fun.  We were done in short order because the kids were great!  But as they were leaving, the little boy (who is three years old) said “Thank you VERY much.”  It was so sweet… he had very good manners.  We quickly learned where he got it from, as his mother also thanked us very much.  Happy people rock! 🙂

New Seniors Site Up & Running

We put the finishing touches (sort of) on the new senior site yesterday.  It is chock full of information about our senior portrait program.  We go into detail about virtually everything, plus there are plenty of images (and more to come) in our gallery page.

– Go to seniors.tlcphotography.com.

– Start out on the ‘Home’ page, and take advantage of the current senior specials.

– Then click through the rest of the pages for more information about the 2011 Senior Catalog, our facility, consultations, makeup and hair, and much more.

– Please feel free to call us about your senior portraits.

75% off all senior sessions through the end of May.  Call or click for more details.

Of course, we’ll continue to post images on Facebook and on our main site.  But this one has everything you need to know – and more. 🙂

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