I have been around photography all my life.  My father took pictures of me at three days old, and throughout my childhood.  In many ways, he was my inspiration.

I started my own adventure in photography in 1975, as a photographer for my high school yearbook.  The contrast between technology then and now is rather astounding.  Throughout high school and beyond, I took pictures of my friends and family… and for the most part considered this my “building period.”

In 1982 my sister asked me to photograph her wedding.  She was thrilled with the results.

In 1984 I accepted my first professional job photographing a wedding for a young couple who lived in my apartment complex.  I have been hooked ever since, photographing hundreds of weddings.

Since then, with plenty of opportunities along the way, I have focused on education and improving my skills.  I like to share what I know, and spent seven years teaching photography and studio lighting at Shepherd University.

My personal preference is portrait photography.  I still enjoy doing weddings and most other forms of photography.

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