Daily archives "January 30, 2013"

Children: Krysten

Here parents claim that in the 2-3 hours prior to her session, 13-year old Krysten professed to wanting to make this the worst even in their (and my) lives.  She was keenly opposed to being photographed, and apparently especially that day.  Don’t know why, really, but she was a great subject.  We took a TON of pictures (yes, I weighed them), and had a great time.  She smiled, laughed (sometimes hysterically), and we all enjoyed the session.

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Family: The Hardings

I’ve known these good folks for awhile.  I’ve watched their kids grow up, and have enjoyed the time we’ve worked together.  This was a special session, on-location in Middleway.  I hadn’t had the opportunity to really appreciate the architecture in this little town, and was grateful to get the chance.  Of course, the old Mercedes made things even more interesting.

Family portraits at TLC Photography Chidren's pictures in Inwood, WV Beautiful Family portraits near Charles Town, WV