Daily archives "February 14, 2014"

Baby Portraits: Young Mr. Clarke (The Hat Bandit)

During our Most Beautiful Baby Contest each year, we get to meet a lot of really cute babies.  And since we really do not try to direct them, we find that they become unpredictable (which leads to more fun).  Mom had brought several outfits, and one of them was a really cute suit outfit… we had a hat which we thought would really complement the outfit.  But as you can see, it was a little big.  He didn’t seem to care.

The Most Beautiful Baby Contest is held each winter, and involves lots of babies, prizes, and is a fundraiser for our ongoing cause, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  We care about kids a lot and have made them part of our daily lives, even though ours are grown and parents of children themselves.

You can make appointments year round for your baby’s portraits.  The best reason to continue updating and displaying pictures of your children is in the effects the pictures have on the children.  Studies have shown that children who see their pictures on the walls in their home are more well adjusted, have a greater sense of well-being and self-confidence, and feel like they “belong.”  We’re happy to help continue your child’s well-being.

Senior Portraits: William (An Irish face and a deep voice)

You ever get the feeling that you’ve met someone, like in a previous life?  This guy was very much like that.  I felt like I knew him.  But he didn’t remember me, so I suppose it didn’t happen.  In any case, we enjoyed conversation and photos.  Very smart young man, with a deep voice that commanded attention.

Expect to see more from him in the future.  We had a great portrait session.

Senior Portrait: Ezra (Man with music in his heart)

Ezra came to us from one of our senior models, Haylee.

A musician at heart, we spent some time exploring his music talents and discovering that he really looks pretty good with a guitar!  And it doesn’t hurt that his eyes just really light up like that.  A fun session where mom helped encourage Ezra to show his true colors.

One thing we’ve always tried to do with senior portraits is to focus a lot on the passion of the senior’s interests.  Whether it’s their sense of fashion, their vehicle, or their music and other activities, if it is important to them, it’s important to us.

Senior Portraits: Nathan (A guy with a car!)

Imagine my surprise when this young man showed up with a car… that he was trying to sell.  Soon.  It was a comical moment to learn that Nathan was looking to get rid of his car, but he wanted it in some of his pictures.  It had meant a lot to him.  It may still.

But he also had a guitar and an effervescent personality.  I enjoyed talking with him just as much as I did capturing his images.  We kind of bonded over the car, though.  Not that I wanted his car, but he wanted a great picture with it, and we delivered.  His “stage shot” with the guitar was a big hit, too.

This guy is going places!