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Last-minute opening!

Because of a change in work schedules, one of our Valentine’s portrait sessions cannot make it on Saturday.  So, we have an opening!  It’s a great opportunity to give your special someone a unique gift.

The $99 session fee includes a complete makeup session from our makeup artist, and a hair styling by our hair professional.  After that, pictures!  We’ll match your outfit(s) and mood with the lighting, background and props to create a unique look just for you.

Please call now to reserve.  This spot is going to go fast!


Last Chance before Valentine’s Day

After the private boudoir party we held last weekend, and it’s ensuing success with all the participants, and of course the post Details, where we outlined some of what happens at these things, we got more inquiries about doing "just one more" before Valentine’s Day.

So we are.

January 30 is the date.  Here’s how it works:

1. Call our studio (304-263-3100) and ask for the Valentine’s Day of Beauty session.  The cost is $99 per person, or $75 per person if you bring a friend.  The session must be prepaid.  There are no refunds on the sessions, since we also limit how many we can take (a day is only so long, ya know!)
2. Get together the outfits you want to use during your session.  These sessions range in scope from fully dressed to almost completely nude, so bring whatever you like.  Most people bring 2-3 outfits, and we can also suggest a few props and ideas in case you don’t have anything you really want to use.
3. Show up on January 30.  We usually set a time frame to work within, but most people arrive between 10-11am.
4. Our make-up artist will take care of your face, eyes, and lips.  She knows your look, discusses what "look" you want, and works with your natural coloring to bring out the best in your appearance.
5. You’ll also visit with our hair stylist, who will style your hair just for your special look.  Please note, that wash and cut is not done, and we suggest that you come ready for a styling.
6. On to the pictures.  We have a number of sets, backgrounds, props and more to give you a unique experience and one-of-a-kind images that are suited to your particular tastes and needs.  Tony’s masterful lighting skills and persuasive posing techniques will make sure your best gets captured on camera.
7. Finally, Diana takes charge with her special brand of "Boudoir Art".  Finishing the images (along with leaving a few "as is" so you can have a choice) is part of the final product.

So… You need to call.  We’ll take it from there.  We have plenty of satisfied clients, and look forward to including you among them.


Our studio was turned into a boudoir party for a considerable part of Saturday.  I told the ladies in attendance that I would post their photos by Monday, in a private gallery of course.  Since they all mostly knew each other, it meant that they were very encouraging in such a way as to not only be supportive, but also to dare each other into doing more than they originally thought.  These are NOT your typical boudoir images.  They reflect each lady’s personal wish for the Valentine’s Day gift they are intended.

The good thing about doing this with friends is that there’s very little they need to hold back.  And it shows in the images.

Which I’m not going to show you here.

But what I CAN show you is a peek at some details.  Each of the eight images posted here is a very tiny piece of the entire image.  Let your mind wander.