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Mister Coleton

Julie’s little boy is turning three years old.  We’ve been photographing him for several years, of course, but we also photographed Julie’s wedding to Woody.  The really cool part about photographing the same child over a period of years is that they are almost instantly comfortable with us.  Coleton was much that way, quickly warming up and playing peek-a-boo pretty much the entire time he was there.  He even created a couple of his own posing ideas (including the trunk you’ll see below).

We always look forward to seeing Julie, her parents, and of course Coleton.

Little Miss Layla

Miss Layla is something of a celebrity around here.  After all, she won last year’s Most Beautiful Baby contest.  Well, she’s ba-aack!  That’s right, the defending champion still qualifies for the contest and is looking to give all the other contestants a run for their money.  We’re looking forward to what the judges have to say.  Contest ends on Saturday!

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Little Miss Savhana

Another repeat baby in the Most Beautiful Baby contest.  Lots and lots of energy, playfulness and zest for life.  Her parents are lots of fun, too. 🙂

Santanna and Little Mister Reth

We first met Santanna almost exactly three years ago, as an early entrant into our Most Beautiful Baby Contest in 2007.  She was cute then, too.  One thing about truly fun families who value photography is that they enjoy the experience each and every time.  Since Santanna knew me, after a little “I think I know you” time, we were clicking pretty quick, trading high fives and little jokes with each other.

As you can see, she’s grown up pretty well.  She’ll be four in May.

Now, this is her new little brother.  The name is Reth (pronounced like Reeth), and the personality is positive.  He is well-loved and quite the snappy dresser.

From day one, Santanna was a ham… she still is.  She insisted on bringing FIVE outfits (we only used four).  We loved the fashion show. 🙂

And the cute pair together.  Santanna’s mom is a Cowboys fan.  Her dad is a Giants fan (hence the Giants jersey (since you can’t see the logo).

Now if you can look at this next picture and honestly say that you didn’t smile, then you have some serious issues.  One day, he’ll hate that his mom had pictures of his naked butt.  However, until then, he was laughing up a storm about the whole thing.Santanna and Reth’s grandma & mom are VIP clients, and we enjoy seeing them every time they come to the studio.  I’m already anticipating the next visit. 🙂

Little Miss Calyssa

The first time we met Calyssa (and I hope I’m spelling her name right), was in a store where we ran across her mom, Niki.  We had previously taken pictures of Carmen, Calyssa’s older sister, and was pleasantly surprised to see the new addition to the family.  This is  yet another entry into the Most Beautiful Baby Contest.

Little Mister Grant

Grant’s mommy is also one of our wedding clients.  We look forward to seeing the whole family on a regular basis.  Of course, Grant is also one of our beautiful babies. 🙂

Little Mister Ethan

Another of our beautiful babies, Ethan decided he was very interested in a tiny football and a tennis ball… apparently throwing them and then retrieving them himself was his idea of playing catch. 🙂

Little Miss Morgan

We’ve photographed Morgan before, and so she was pretty quickly acclimated to the studio.  Her parents brought along the red balloons and flowers.  She provided the attitude. 🙂


Baby Contest Update

So, the contest started off with a bang… lots and lots of babies.

And then it snowed.  Something like three feet.

And people didn’t want to bring the babies out.  So we rescheduled a lot of people.

But we wanted to make sure you knew that if you call to enter your baby in the contest, you can still do so if you hold your sitting by March 6.  In fact, we have quite a few openings on that Saturday, March 6.

One other thing, and this is very important to us.  A portion of EVERY session fee goes to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  By participating in our contest, you are helping us help St. Jude’s children.

Call… it’s only $35 and for a great cause… plus the pictures are Awesome!

Want more information, check out our Most Beautiful Baby Contest site.