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The Turners

A lovely couple came to us to have some portraits taken for their family. Recent transplants into our area, the Turners moved here from the northern Virginia area. It was nice to get to talk with someone from the area where I grew up.

Mr. Pritchard

Needing a headshot for two purposes, Paul called us to take some photos of him both in the studio and outside. He needed one for an honor he is receiving from the University of Tennessee, and another for the website of a conservation organization.


Our first portrait sitting of the year was Martinsburg High School senior, Ashley. She didn’t want a lot of photos, but her mom wanted to make sure she got her band and softball photos, the drape and something “really nice.”

It was great fun taking some pictures with Ashley (whose nickname is Nikki), and trying to keep her from laughing at her boyfriend who was there with her.

Meredith and John’s Engagement Session

Meredith and John are getting married in May. Because John is still in school (working toward his doctorate at the University of Colorado) studying music, Meredith and John are living apart. It was good to see them together.

One of the hardest things to do with people in their engagement session is getting them to just relax and enjoy being together. It wasn’t until the last few minutes that we got the shot that I liked the most.

The Nutcracker

We have done a lot of work with Charles Town Dance Studio in the past, and even photos for their last Nutcracker performance in 2004. We were honored to have another opportunity.

It started out on Tuesday with posed photos of each of the groups and individual photos. We got started around 3pm taking pictures. As usual, there were a lot of cute moments, but none moreso than the littlest dancers. Of course, I can’t show you all of the photos because there’s not enough room here, but here’s a nice one of Clara (played by Stephanie) and her champion the Nutcracker.

At the dress rehearsals we also took action photos during the performance. Jeff did most of that work, and we managed to cover everyone on stage. Here’s one of the early shots.

More of the Kinsers

So, holiday pictures clearly in mind, Lillian brought us another of her family group. The three adults are siblings, so it was good to hear them all talking about growing up together. All three live within ten minutes of each other near Annapolis, Maryland.

We took individual family groups, as well as a sibling photo, and you may probably recognize Holly and Vanessa from an earlier sitting.

The O’Neill Gang

Lorraine had called us to find out if we could do glamour shots for her and the staff of her physical therapy clinic. While we don’t do much of the preparation work (hair and makeup), we can set the scene and provide many of the props to do glamour photos.

This was a very diverse group, and much of the time taking the photos involved many of the ladies laughing and trying to find the right “look” for each new person who comes before the camera. It wasn’t until we did the preview, however, that we could begin to see the support and closeness for each other that these people have.

As a last shot, we took a group image, which they were going to use in their company newsletter.

The Lewis Children

Geoff and Kim’s children are always a delight to see… their youngest, Austyne, won the Most Beautiful Baby contest in 2005. She has grown up quite a bit, but is still the baby of the family.

The other children were delightful and fun to see again.

The Pellerito Family

Heather and Andy have been with us for awhile, first coming to us for a maternity sitting earlier this year. When Andrew was born, we were able to get some baby pictures of the little guy only a few weeks later. He’s grown a little since then. 🙂

As Andrew grew up, we took more pictures of him. He’s a doll, and we always enjoy seeing Heather and Andy. This time they were here for holiday portraits.

The Hoellen Kids

Kris and her children were here last year during the holidays, and we were really glad to see them back. A little older, they became acquainted with us almost immediately and were ready for photos.

Of course, siblings will be siblings… these two were great fun.