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The holiday season often means portraits of children, families and pets. Sonora was one of the first of the children to come to us via her mother, Alison.

Not unlike most of our children’s sittings, mother and daughter were both a big part of the sitting. This makes a big difference, because children are often happier when a parent is involved prior to doing any kind of posing.

Here, Alison and Sonora played patty-cake for awhile.

After awhile Sonora became so accustomed to being in the lights that she readily posed, with the help of some additional props and a clothing change.


Out of the many senior portraits that we do, the outdoor locations always seem to work best. Jennifer came to us with a couple of outfits and we encouraged her to have some photos done at the nearby park. Below is one of the photos from her sitting.

The Beehive

The Beehive Montessori Preschool is a standout among many choices for daytime child care.

Unlike daycare centers for which we’ve done photos, the Beehive prefers natural settings and an interactive session. We took their photos up at the Rumsey Monument near the outskirts of Shepherdstown. It was a nice day, though a bit brisk, for some photos with the kids.

Lillian’s Other Family

One of our nicest clients has family all over. With children, grandchildren and great grandchildren far and wide, Lillian likes to keep a good record of them – and loves pictures.

This particular family was in to visit and wanted some nice family photos done, and some individuals of the kids, too. As always, we were happy to oblige.

It’s a great feeling to see so many happy faces.


When it comes to little boys, we often find that they are far more interested in exploring than they are at posing for pictures. In fact, most children Anthony’s age couldn’t care less about posing for photos.

Interestingly, Anthony was a bit atypical in this department. While he did spend a good ten minutes talking with me about his extensive experiences in life, he also had no problem taking his position in front of the camera and smiling on command.

Like all little boys, though, he got a little goofy after awhile. Mom and dad helped during the sitting, making things even more hilarious for Anthony.

Here’s a favorite from his sitting…

I would be remiss in my posting duties if I didn’t also share an image of Anthony’s antics.


Every senior portrait comes along with a new personality and a different end result desired. In this case, we were looking to take some photos of this young lady, and got a great deal more.

First, her sister was with her, who never had senior portraits.

Second, she had to be convinced that her braces weren’t a problem. For those who care, that means we can remove your braces in pictures.

Here are a few images from Whittney’s sitting.

The Birthday Gang

A group of 15 women share in a birthday club that meets for each of their birthdays… it’s like having a social group that celebrates at least once a month. Well, they came to us to do a group shot. While all 15 couldn’t make it, almost half did and some had individual photos done.

They were a fun group, with lots of conversation I hadn’t really expected. Below is the group photo we took.