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Senior: Morgan

She spent the entire early months of school running (mostly cross country), so we saw Morgan late in the fall.  But the day we did her pictures, it was so nice outside that it didn’t matter that it was a “cold” month.  She gave us a lot of looks to choose from.

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Senior: Andrew

His twin sister, Hannah, had already been to our studio a few times for pictures.  But he was pretty busy with football season and other obligations.  But when we did get to work with him, there was lots of laughter.

Football picture for Andrew Violet Truck picture for Boonsboro High

Senior: Victoria

When I first meet someone, there’s a sense I hope to take away that gives me an impression of how much we can do in the time we have together, and if they want adventure, beauty, or function (or something else completely).  With Victoria, it was not immediately obvious… but once we got started, it was hard not to figure out that she was just as adventurous as anyone else we’ve photographed in the past.

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Senior: Anthony

A referral from another senior, Anthony has some pretty big ideas about his future.  Keeping them in line will be challenging, but ultimately worth the work.

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Senior: Meaghan

My oh my… with a great smile and a crazy little dog (who we also adored), this senior was a special kind of fun and adorable!

senior and her dog beautiful smile

Senior: Cecilia

Another late season senior, Cecelia had been conversing with us all through the fall to get information about her senior portraits.  When she was able to make it in, we felt like she was already a good friend.

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Children: Krysten

Here parents claim that in the 2-3 hours prior to her session, 13-year old Krysten professed to wanting to make this the worst even in their (and my) lives.  She was keenly opposed to being photographed, and apparently especially that day.  Don’t know why, really, but she was a great subject.  We took a TON of pictures (yes, I weighed them), and had a great time.  She smiled, laughed (sometimes hysterically), and we all enjoyed the session.

McClureK04511 McClureK04549 McClureK04631

Family: The Hardings

I’ve known these good folks for awhile.  I’ve watched their kids grow up, and have enjoyed the time we’ve worked together.  This was a special session, on-location in Middleway.  I hadn’t had the opportunity to really appreciate the architecture in this little town, and was grateful to get the chance.  Of course, the old Mercedes made things even more interesting.

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Senior: Bryan

We’d done pictures of his cousin (we’re sure you remember the rather unforgettable Haylee) in year’s past… and he was nothing like her.  But he had a great smile and we wanted to try to get that as much as possible.

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Senior: Samantha

She was a late season session, and quite probably for good reason.  We got along famously and enjoyed lots of idea sharing with the poses and locations.  She had a great portfolio of too many images.

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