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See What We’re Doing?

See What We’re Doing?

I’ve long been quite the explainer.  Sometimes more than you wanted to know, frequently topical, but always conversational.  In an effort to expound upon many of the things that we do at the studio, the blog form seems to be the most popular medium to do that without having to update the website each time a new event transpires.

As many of you know, we’ve been taking pictures in West Virginia since 1995.  The time has flown by for us, and we have met some incredible people.  We’ve gone from a two-room studio in the basement of our home (with impossibly low ceilings) to a 2,000 square foot facility on the western edge of Shepherdstown.  It’s not just the space that’s grown, either.  We’ve also added services and products, and tried to stay on the cutting edge.

Our sports division shot through the roof a few years ago, and we were actually busting at the seams for more room to process all the pictures.  Since that time, we’ve come up with new and exciting ways to distribute pictures and turn them around quicker.  Sports team and action photos continue to be a specialty division (via TLCSports.Net) in our company.  It gives us the opportunity to see over 15,000 players each year from several states and in just about every sport imaginable.

But, let’s get back to portraits and weddings.  We started in wedding photography in 1982.  Photographing some 40-50 weddings a year at one point, we’ve now photographed somewhere around 500 weddings (lost count around 425).  In addition, we’ve done literally thousands of portraits.  From babies and children, to dancers of all ages, to business executives, families, high school seniors and much more.  By including schools, professional associations and university Greek associations, we feel we’ve come to the point where we can and do photography just about anything involving people.  Oh… one more thing.  Yes, we photograph pets.  We’ve photographed cats, dogs, horses (NOT in the studio) and most other domestic pets.

Weddings are a passion.  Despite having photographed hundreds of weddings, we see each one as a unique part of two people’s lives.  It touches so many more than that, and we approach each one uniquely with the skill and experience of over 20 years in the wedding industry.

Portraits aren’t really a new offering.  We were doing portraits of people as far back as 1975.  But in the last ten years we have concentrated a considerable amount of effort into learning a lot more about people, portraits and what people like.  We think we’ve built quite a repertoire of portrait photography and can do just about any size group as well as the individuals.

I’ll close this out with a thank you to those who come back and review our blog.  It’s been a great pleasure meeting the communities we serve, and we hope this gives everyone an opportunity to keep up with what we are doing – hopefully at least weekly. (