Senior Portraits: Brian (A car and a dream)

It’s no secret that the majority of our seniors are girls.  Typically, guys are not that into photographs of themselves.  And many of them are totally not into spending an hour or two in or at our studio.  Brian was no exception to that generality.

But I do try to make it interesting for everyone.  I call it “senior patter” when I’m talking with people about their lives and what’s going on, their hopes and dreams.  So, when I started talking with Brian, who would probably have been happier anywhere else besides where his mom had just taken him, it was only a few minutes later that we were working toward a single goal.  Mom wanted pictures of her “baby,” and I wanted her to have them.  Engaging Brian in chatting about his dreams lead to a far less painful session than he’d imagined, and mom got some great pictures.

I use my own experiences over the years to make each person’s session with us just unique enough to make it enjoyable, and often times creating a new look just for them.  Overall, Brian was a happy guy.  We were done soon enough, and I ended up having a reasonably good conversation with a very goal-oriented young man.

Mission accomplished.