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Holy Cow!!

Okay, the subject is kind of an attention getter.  But to be honest, there really was a cow here… just a week ago.  A real cow… bovine, hooves, moo… the whole thing.

You’re going to love the cow’s name, too.  But that comes in a minute.

The REASON the cow was here is because it is the show piece of one of our seniors, Samantha.  She wanted to highlight her affiliation with the FFA (she’s a local chapter president), and her intense love for farming.  She’s even going to be going to school to specialize in farm science.  That’s serious!

She wanted pictures with her cow, and some traditional images for her family…

Coming from a farm family, you have to remain practical when it comes down to understanding how you will treat your animals.  As such, and with all the practicality of any good farmer, Samantha named her cow “Meatloaf.” 🙂

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