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Oh… the memories we shall make!

I get mixed feelings about the prom.  I was not a big prom-goer in high school.  I went to one, but it wasn’t a great experience.  I was more a behind-the-scenes type anyway.  So when I get to see all the kids in their finest attire and with their amazing personalities shining through, I get this happy feeling in the pit of my stomach that screams out “YES!!” and I cheer for these kids, having their last blast before the end of the school year.  For many, it’s the end of high school altogether.

We took pictures on Friday and Saturday of last week for proms that were going on that night.  It was for people who wanted something traditional, but that didn’t look like “school pictures.”  No tricks, gimmicks, or overprocessed images.  Just some good old-fashioned fun and portraits like nowhere else.

Now, I wish I could post all of them.  But instead, I’ll post one that kind of epitomizes the great times we had.

We were thankful to learn that there were no major incidents at all three Berkeley County proms, and that safety was the main consideration for everyone.  Good luck to everyone for the remainder of the school year!

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Prom Time!

The rite of spring for high school students everywhere is the The Prom.  And the Berkeley County proms are THIS Friday and Saturday!

But sometimes one of the biggest hassles of the prom is getting photos done.  First, there’s the line… it’s usually long, and takes up almost an hour of the limited amount of time you have at the prom.  Then, there’s the background and photos… you have NO say in how those photos are done, and there’s always only one background – like it or not.  Finally, there’s packages that you may not want, or packages that don’t meet your needs.

We’re offering a solution that answers all your concerns.

First, our prom photos are going on BEFORE the prom starts, from 3-7pm at our studio.  There won’t be a line; at least not one to speak of.  And when you arrive, our professional team will be ready to help you look your best, and give you directions along the way to get you in and out quickly.

Second, we’re offering THREE different background sets.  Two will be exclusive offerings that combine great lighting and amazing set design… you will never see anything like this in a school prom portrait.  The third background will be all white, a look that is timeless and focuses on JUST YOU!  We will have a collection of additional props, chairs, and accessories you are welcome to use for your pictures, too.  Just as a teaser, imagine having your prom photos with a feather boa, shimmery gold fabric or something else really cool!  Since we will have time to spend with each couple, we can do MORE than just take your picture and shove you out the door.

Finally… we’ll have build-your-own packages available.  Yes, we’ll have some pre-made packages, too.  But if you don’t want any of our packages, you can create your own to your liking.  You aren’t locked in to just one thing that way.  You can select from desk prints, wallets, and several special items we will have available.

Let me wrap this up by telling you that this is a unique experience.  And the only thing you pay for is the pictures.   Packages start at $12, and we welcome car loads of your friends.

Interested?  Go here for details, you can download an order form, and even get directions—> Prom Portraits!

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