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Senior Models 2012: Katy

Katy contacted us about our Senior Models program (and so can you!) from Musselman High School.  She has a lot of ideas, and we have enjoyed working with her now for two complete sessions.  I’m sure there’s much more to come.

Are you interested in getting discounted senior portraits?  Refer someone to us, and get a 10% discount off your order (up to a total of 50% off!)  For more information, go to our Seniors Page.

Senior Models 2012: Haylee

Haylee first impressed me some twelve years ago, when I met her as a tiny dancer.  Her attitude hasn’t changed much; she’s in love with life, and has a passion for being what she wants to be.

Haylee is a 2012 Senior at Hedgesville High School.  Her sessions were full of life, opportunity and drama… this is but one of many more to come of Haylee.  If you have an opportunity to ask her about our senior portrait program, do so… she is one of our local models/ambassadors.

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