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Family: The Hardings

I’ve known these good folks for awhile.  I’ve watched their kids grow up, and have enjoyed the time we’ve worked together.  This was a special session, on-location in Middleway.  I hadn’t had the opportunity to really appreciate the architecture in this little town, and was grateful to get the chance.  Of course, the old Mercedes made things even more interesting.

Family portraits at TLC Photography Chidren's pictures in Inwood, WV Beautiful Family portraits near Charles Town, WV

Speaking of the Prom

OMG… Martinsburg, Musselman and Hedgesville proms are all the SAME DAY in Berkeley County!

All the formal wear!  All the dinner reservations, limos and flowers!  All the bling!  And the pictures!  OMG, the pictures!

We’re here to help.  On April 28, from 3-7pm, AT the studio, we’ll be happy to take your individual, couple or group portraits.  If you’re taking a limo, we’ll do limo shots for you.  Groups, no problem.  Buddy shots, couples, whatever!  We will have three fixed sets in our camera room, and four beautiful outdoor sets that are specially designed for formal sessions!


Pay for your package (starting at $12), have your picture taken, go to the prom (or dinner, or whatever!).

No lines.

Your pictures look different than everyone else’s, and they look better because you got them done by a professional!

Pictures ready in two weeks or less!

Want more info, call.  304-263-3100

Here’s the flyer!

Prom portraits

Easter Note!


Easter egg

Easter is April 8 this year… and boy howdy did that just creep up on us or what???


Well, we sometimes get to take the Easter weekend off, and we sometimes don’t.  This year, it is one that we will.  So, that said, we’re going to be closed on Saturday, April 7 so that we can enjoy a three-day weekend.  If you need us, you know how to get at us…

  1. Through the website
  2. Via our Facebook page
  3. Call the studio (304-263-3100) and leave a voice message
  4. Owl-gram (you must be a 2nd year Wizard to use this service)

Enjoy your Easter holiday… if that includes a spring break or something along those lines, please be careful and come see us this spring!

Free Stuff!

Wouldn’t it be terribly cruel if I just left it as that?  And then told you there’s no free stuff?  I’m not… but that would be so rude! 🙂

Beautiful Portraits in MartinsburgWe’re getting ready to start a few give-aways around here.  We’re giving away stuff… like engagement sessions, proposal sessions, family sessions, portrait packages, large prints, small prints, and yes, even a wedding.

But you have to stay tuned.

They’re coming soon.  Check back at least once a week if you don’t see or blog entry on Facebook or our website.

BTW, the picture above is the eyes of a good friend and client’s daughter. This was a couple of years ago… it’s such an attention getter, isn’t it? 🙂

Our New Website

About four years ago, we replaced our HTML website with an all-Flash website, and then later added in some very important directional elements that helped people “find their way” in our complex website structure.

On Monday, March 12, we are changing the entire look of our website.  It will encompass all of the elements of our existing three sites (main, seniors and workshops) as well as making the links to client galleries and Diana’s nature photography easier to get to.

We invite you to visit our new site, which is a hybrid design that incorporates both HTML and Flash with a very strict database structure that makes everything seem more common across all platforms.  It’s even mobile friendly!

We’ve added all the basics, including all new galleries (pictures never before seen on our website), and intend to add much more for you to look at. This will include some behind-the-scenes photos and video, instructional videos that complement our workshops, and some great announcements for specials that go hand in hand with our social network pages and our blog.

Enjoy!  To see it, go to

The Online Most Beautiful Baby Contest results

In order to appreciate the magnitude of this contest, you had to be on the receiving end.  When we started out, there were 51 new likes on the page on the very first day.  What we expected was maybe a couple of hundred votes among the four contestants.  What we got was quite different, but also very welcome.

There were 831 votes cast across four images… the Like button got pressed that many times on those photos.  Impressive.  The number of likes on the gallery alone was 128. Unfortunately, there were a LOT of people who liked the gallery, but did not like a photo as well.  There were also over 150 people who voted in the contest by Liking a picture, but who never also pressed Like on the TLC Photography page.

I’m telling you all of this because you need to appreciate that there was a lot to review after the fact, and that for two of our contestants, the bidding was fast and furious right up until midnight on Saturday night. To ensure that no additional votes filtered in while we were counting, we closed the entire page (Facebook has a nice little “Unpublish” feature).

Without going into anymore details, let’s get to the results.

Here’s the honorable mention for the online contest.  Little Mister Bennett was a virtual force of nature during his session.  Combining his love of music along with his sister’s debut in the judged version of the contest, he made quite a splash with us.

Children's portraits at the studio

Our second runner up (third place) is a friend of a family who has been a good client for awhile now. This little girl has been through a lot in her life, and we hope that these pictures reflect how wonderful a person she will soon become.

Baby pictures contest


The first runner up comes to us from a long-time client, and a second-time entry into the contest.  She has a very sweet disposition and we are sure to see more of her in the coming years.  Miss Calissa.

Children's portrait contest at TLC


We first met the winner of the contest a couple of years ago. Life has been an up and down rollercoaster for his family, and we were grateful to see him entered into the contest. He comes from a generous and wonderful family that has been a blessing to our area for so many.  Meet our winner, Mister Aidric.

Baby picture contest

Afterthought… you should also know that between first and second places, there was only a difference of six little votes. They were practically co-winners. The difference was so small that they were both winners to us.

Congratulations to all, and we thank everyone again who voted and committed themselves to the effort.

Most Beautiful Baby Contest winners

Important note: This post is about the judged contest, which is for six to thirty month old children.  The online contest will be announced separately.

We were so pleased to meet so many new children this year.  It was great fun meeting them all.  We had a couple of repeats this year, which probably made the difference in how things went with the judging.

But you’d probably just rather know who won, huh?

Okay.  But we have to also tell you that there were five winners.

First, the honorable mentions.

Our first is little Miss Bennett. She is a first-time client and took to us immediately, at times climbing onto Tony to get the best photo angle. We dubbed her a dead ringer for Cindy Lou Who.

Infant Picture in Pink

The other honorable mention is little Miss Mohr.  Her mom is a long-time friend and former employee.  She grew up right before our eyes, and this little bundle of joy is something that has given her whole family great joy.

Baby girl in purple


So, now for our third place winner.  Also a first-time client, little Miss Rinaldi was quite to warm up with her happy little smile.  Her mom is a co-worker of one of our long-time clients.

Children's portrait in the studio


And now for the runner-up.  That would be second place to those of you who aren’t familiar with the terminology. Little Mister Lawlor was something of a mystery at first, being a first-time client and all. But he rapidly came out of his shell when he started realizing that our camera room is just a big playground.

Little boy portrait at TLC studios


That leaves only the top spot. It’s important to note that the winner of this year’s contest got a vote from all FIVE of our judges. So there’s little doubt that this was the winning entry. Our judges this year are a diverse lot, hailing from New York, Texas, Virginia, Canada, and Maryland. And not a single one said “this was easy,” because it never is.  They’re all just too adorable.

But here’s your winner… Mister Bean.

Baby Portrait at TLC


Thanks again to all those who participated.  Winners are being contacted individually with their prizes.  I hope to be able to show you more pictures in the near future of our contestants from their contest sessions and other sessions to come.


9th Annual Most Beautiful Baby Contest

There’s lots more to this year’s contest than just pictures.  But first, here’s a copy of the flyer you may see around town.  It’s the official mini-poster.

Most Beautiful Baby Contest at TLC Photography

Now, on to a couple of additions for this year.

First, there are two contests.  The one we have run for the past eight years includes portraits for children from six months to 30 months.  You can read all about that one on the site, including some more picture ideas.  The other contest is for children 31 months and older.  In that contest, we will put all of the pictures on our Facebook page, where you can get your family and friends to vote by adding a “Like” to the picture you direct them to.  The prizes are similar, and the entry fees are the same… session fees go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Second, we have partnered up with Jeni Harding of Dazzlin’ Divas, who provides a long line of beautiful hand-made tutus, hair bands and other accessories for your little divas.  The great part about this is that she has contributed four matching sets that we can use for YOUR child’s pictures.  You can also ask her to make one especially for your baby for their portrait session.  Just look at some of the pieces she made for us:

Dazzlin' Divas at TLC PhotographyBeautiful Tutus for picturesCustom headband by Dazzlin DivasClose-Up detail from a tutu

To get involved, call our studio (304-263-3100) or email us ( to schedule your session.  Pre-payment of the session fee is required to hold your appointment.

Babies, babies, babies

We’ve just had so many babies in the studio lately that it’s’ easier to catch up by posting a bunch of them at once.  We really have enjoyed seeing all the babies.  We look forward to many more. 🙂

Newborn: David

We’ve known his mom for awhile, and they come from one of the most generous and loving families I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.  We’ve done a lot more with newborns in the past couple of years, and it was a genuine treat to meet this little one and photograph his first days.

Daddy and his baby during the newborn sessionNewborn portraits at TLC PhotographyBeautiful newborn baby picturesLearn about our annual baby photo contest by going to the MBB Site.