The Online Most Beautiful Baby Contest results

In order to appreciate the magnitude of this contest, you had to be on the receiving end.  When we started out, there were 51 new likes on the page on the very first day.  What we expected was maybe a couple of hundred votes among the four contestants.  What we got was quite different, but also very welcome.

There were 831 votes cast across four images… the Like button got pressed that many times on those photos.  Impressive.  The number of likes on the gallery alone was 128. Unfortunately, there were a LOT of people who liked the gallery, but did not like a photo as well.  There were also over 150 people who voted in the contest by Liking a picture, but who never also pressed Like on the TLC Photography page.

I’m telling you all of this because you need to appreciate that there was a lot to review after the fact, and that for two of our contestants, the bidding was fast and furious right up until midnight on Saturday night. To ensure that no additional votes filtered in while we were counting, we closed the entire page (Facebook has a nice little “Unpublish” feature).

Without going into anymore details, let’s get to the results.

Here’s the honorable mention for the online contest.  Little Mister Bennett was a virtual force of nature during his session.  Combining his love of music along with his sister’s debut in the judged version of the contest, he made quite a splash with us.

Children's portraits at the studio

Our second runner up (third place) is a friend of a family who has been a good client for awhile now. This little girl has been through a lot in her life, and we hope that these pictures reflect how wonderful a person she will soon become.

Baby pictures contest


The first runner up comes to us from a long-time client, and a second-time entry into the contest.  She has a very sweet disposition and we are sure to see more of her in the coming years.  Miss Calissa.

Children's portrait contest at TLC


We first met the winner of the contest a couple of years ago. Life has been an up and down rollercoaster for his family, and we were grateful to see him entered into the contest. He comes from a generous and wonderful family that has been a blessing to our area for so many.  Meet our winner, Mister Aidric.

Baby picture contest

Afterthought… you should also know that between first and second places, there was only a difference of six little votes. They were practically co-winners. The difference was so small that they were both winners to us.

Congratulations to all, and we thank everyone again who voted and committed themselves to the effort.

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  1. Joey Yurish

    Thank you brother love ya man.... really appreciate all the shots

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