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Senior: Emily

Emily was a late season senior, visiting us a mere two months before graduation. She was fairly adamant about having on-location pictures, and we were happy to accommodate.  We also photographed her in our studio and our portrait park.  She’s a big quirky, but a lot of fun and has a stunning smile.  We enjoyed her senior portrait session!

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The “No Holds Barred” Children’s Approach

With exposure to so many children over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to feel my way through how children respond to different things.  Likewise, it has been just as interesting to learn how their parents respond.

Over the last several years, we have taken the “the kid’s can’t break anything” approach in both the studio and the outdoor portrait park.  In short, that’s not completely true… but we’re watching the entire time, and it’s pretty rare that a kid is going to grab something breakable in the first place, and even rarer that it’s going to take a serious beating.

That said, we have opened the proverbial door by telling parents up front that we don’t put restrictions on kids during portrait sessions.  There are still times when parents get nervous that grabbing the shell of a soft box is going to cost them hundreds of dollars.  Their fear is quickly calmed by reminding them “it takes a lot to destroy one of those things.” And it really does.

When you come for your sitting… relax.

We got this.

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Studio for Rent

When was the last time you were working on a project and said to yourself, “I wish I had a really nice studio space to work in, with plenty of lights, props and backdrops to do what’s really in my head”?  Well, we’re going to help you with that… AND offer to train you to use it.

Here’s the link to check out what we’ve put together for you (there are more pictures to come): TLC Photography’s Studio Rental Page.


You can rent for as little as two hours, or for entire days at a time.  Small projects to large, we can accommodate you.  And here’s the best part: while the studio introduction is free of charge, Tony is also available for one-on-one mentoring for a smaller additional charge than his usual rate when you are also renting the studio.

Go take a look at the link.  All the information, including the equipment data, rental rates, and a gallery of pictures is right there.  We’re preparing an introductory video as well, which will come soon.  Questions?  Ask!

304-263-3100 or


Most Beautiful Baby Contest Results!

First things first… we are proud to hold this contest each year.  It’s our pleasure to serve a good cause (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital), and enjoy meeting new faces and seeing a few old ones.  Thanks to each and every one of you who entered.

As you know, there can only be one top prize winner.  And, like just about everyone else, his mother described him as the winner.  She was right.

This is our first place winner…

Baby portraits in martinsburg

Our second place winner…

childrens portraits in martinsburg

And our third place winner…

kids pictures

Finally, two honorable mentions…

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newborn portraits


We want to express again how grateful we are to be a part of this wonderful community, and want to remind you of our upcoming promotions, including the Easter Pictures with a live bunny on March 24.  Call for details, 304-263-3100.

Senior Models: Why Be One?

If you’ve ever had any desire to model, this is your opportunity to do it without having to pay for session fees, model portfolio books and online demos.  Because you get all of that, and more, at no charge.

senior models at tlcphotography

So… what IS involved?

The first thing is a short interview… we just want to make sure you know what’s involved.  Your parents are welcome to attend, of course.  We’ll go through everything with you.

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We’ll then start taking pictures of you.  2-3 sessions, all at no charge to you.  We’ll then make a book with our favorite pictures.

Now, you show your pictures around, talk to your classmates, or people in other schools.  Even teachers, people at the store or restaurant… anyone.



For every senior referral who mentions they were referred by you, you will receive a $50 credit toward your senior portrait order PLUS a $50 Visa Gift Card when they book their senior portraits and place their order deposit.

Of course, the book is yours to keep.

It’s worth a try… you have nothing to lose.  Apply by emailing us, commenting here, or call us at 304-263-3100.








Senior: Mercedez

The best thing about clients we’ve never met is getting the chance to find out who they are by how they respond to things we say.  Mercedez was a great subject for that very reason…

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Engagement: Kaysie & Matt

We had done the family portraits for Kaysie’s family, and she contacted us about photographing her wedding.  The best part is that she is already familiar with us, and us with her, so adding Matt into the fray is all that much more fun.  We spent some time (on a rather coolish winter day) getting some pictures for them.

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Senior: Travis

First meeting with Travis and I could easily see the self-confidence of someone who was a performer.  He did not disappoint as both a senior model and as someone who knew how to work the camera.  Look for big things from this handsome young man.

Travis Propst and his senior pictures senior portraits at tlc photography

Senior: Molly

Although Molly was reluctant to have portraits done, she seemed a natural in front of the camera.  The best part is that she was quite happy with the photo results.  I think you’ll agree that she certainly belongs in front of a camera as often as she wishes.

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Senior: Amy

Some people come here with but a single outfit, a one-shot purpose.  We are happy to accommodate them.  This young lady wanted just a few shots, including her yearbook picture.  The whole session lasted less than an hour.  But we were still laughing by the end of it, and enjoyed every minute.

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