The “No Holds Barred” Children’s Approach

childrens portraits

With exposure to so many children over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to feel my way through how children respond to different things.  Likewise, it has been just as interesting to learn how their parents respond.

Over the last several years, we have taken the “the kid’s can’t break anything” approach in both the studio and the outdoor portrait park.  In short, that’s not completely true… but we’re watching the entire time, and it’s pretty rare that a kid is going to grab something breakable in the first place, and even rarer that it’s going to take a serious beating.

That said, we have opened the proverbial door by telling parents up front that we don’t put restrictions on kids during portrait sessions.  There are still times when parents get nervous that grabbing the shell of a soft box is going to cost them hundreds of dollars.  Their fear is quickly calmed by reminding them “it takes a lot to destroy one of those things.” And it really does.

When you come for your sitting… relax.

We got this.

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