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Senior: Adam

If you ever wanted to meet the ultimate football player physique, you’d just need to meet Adam.  Of course, it goes way beyond that.  He plays passionately at the game, but is also smart, knows what he wants in life, and has big plans.

Shooting on-location with Adam was a lot of fun, too.  Some weeks we spend more time on-location than we do in the studio.  Adam was accommodating, even when a large number of his teammates showed up to begin practice.

You can learn more about our senior portraits on our Seniors page.

Senior: Jasmine

Another of the home-schooled students we’ve had the pleasure of photographing this year, Jasmine was the one (of her two other siblings) who wanted pictures the most.  She was fun, enjoyed posing, and wanted plenty of variety.  We have that!

home-schooled senior pictures

Retro Senior

You know, we get a lot of really great people in our studio.  Some have outrageous ideas, and others have no ideas at all.  We work with ’em both, of course.

This young lady wanted something a little more retro than most, so we accommodated her.  She graduates as a home schooled senior this year, and we wish her all the best.

martinsburg senior picture

Do You Really Want The CD?

So, when your photographer advertises that big special offer, which might include a CD of images from the session, you’re ready to jump on it because you love getting the CD, right?  What’s not relevant here is how many images you get, or the circumstances.  What’s important is that if you only got a CD, you’re not only cheating yourself, but you’re getting cheated.  Read on.

Notwithstanding that a CD might cost less than a buck, and that your photographer with a certain style might spend less than a hour on your images, what are you really getting?  Yes, you get the experience and professional photography.  You get good customer service, a fun time with a genuinely nice person, and even some good pictures.  But are you getting something that will last forever?

Do you remember the 8-track tape?  Cassette tape?  Most people don’t use CDs anymore (they only hold about 700MB), and most use DVDs (which hold over 4GB).  But with the advent of Blu-Ray, how long will it be before that DVD is out of date?  Or that file format?  What will you do in ten years when DVDs are no longer supported by computers (most computers today no longer support floppy drives)?

Here’s something else to consider… where will you store your disk?  What will you do with the images on it?  Post them on Facebook?  How long will they stay there?  They may remain on your photo gallery for a long time, but they will get pushed to the bottom like all the others have over time.  And forgotten.  The disk may get lost or damaged (do you know how to take care of a DVD properly?)

It’s time for you to take control.  If your photographer offers only a disk, ask for more.  Demand prints.  Tell them you want your images to be on the wall, in full view, for all to see.  Be proud of your portraits, your wedding, your children and your family!  Don’t hide them away on a disk anymore.  Put them out for the world to see!

Here’s more to consider.  Did you know that children who see pictures of themselves on the walls have a greater sense of well-being and self-confidence as they grow up?  They can’t see those pictures of they’re on a disk.  And couples who put their wedding pictures on the walls and in an album are more likely to stay together than those who don’t. We have clients who regularly share their pictures on the walls with us – and they have fabulous relationships, wonderful families and beautiful children!

Listen… this is not hard to understand.  And yes, we DO sell the image files for most of our sessions and weddings.  But we always offer you prints at the same time.  And we always will, because they mean you will always see the pictures that you have tucked safely away in a dark storage place (after you made a backup, right?)

So, what are you going to do next time your photographer offers a disk-only portrait session?  That’s right, demand prints!


Senior Portrait: Eddie

Eddie seemed quiet at first, but quickly became a good conversationalist.  We talked about track & field, his desire to work in law enforcement, and graduation.

musselman senior portraits

Senior: Emily

Emily was a late season senior, visiting us a mere two months before graduation. She was fairly adamant about having on-location pictures, and we were happy to accommodate.  We also photographed her in our studio and our portrait park.  She’s a big quirky, but a lot of fun and has a stunning smile.  We enjoyed her senior portrait session!

senior portraits in shepherdstown martinsburg senior portraits

Senior Models: Why Be One?

If you’ve ever had any desire to model, this is your opportunity to do it without having to pay for session fees, model portfolio books and online demos.  Because you get all of that, and more, at no charge.

senior models at tlcphotography

So… what IS involved?

The first thing is a short interview… we just want to make sure you know what’s involved.  Your parents are welcome to attend, of course.  We’ll go through everything with you.

childrens portraits

We’ll then start taking pictures of you.  2-3 sessions, all at no charge to you.  We’ll then make a book with our favorite pictures.

Now, you show your pictures around, talk to your classmates, or people in other schools.  Even teachers, people at the store or restaurant… anyone.



For every senior referral who mentions they were referred by you, you will receive a $50 credit toward your senior portrait order PLUS a $50 Visa Gift Card when they book their senior portraits and place their order deposit.

Of course, the book is yours to keep.

It’s worth a try… you have nothing to lose.  Apply by emailing us, commenting here, or call us at 304-263-3100.








Senior: Mercedez

The best thing about clients we’ve never met is getting the chance to find out who they are by how they respond to things we say.  Mercedez was a great subject for that very reason…

radiant beauty at tlc photography senior pictures in harpers ferry a senior portrait from charles town

Senior: Travis

First meeting with Travis and I could easily see the self-confidence of someone who was a performer.  He did not disappoint as both a senior model and as someone who knew how to work the camera.  Look for big things from this handsome young man.

Travis Propst and his senior pictures senior portraits at tlc photography

Senior: Molly

Although Molly was reluctant to have portraits done, she seemed a natural in front of the camera.  The best part is that she was quite happy with the photo results.  I think you’ll agree that she certainly belongs in front of a camera as often as she wishes.

hedgesville senior portraits