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Senior: Ashley

I’m a sarcastic individual… and it’s great to come across someone who understands and appreciates good sarcasm.  Oh, so was she. 🙂

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Senior: McKaela

A bold young lady with lots of sass… we captured many of her moods and personalities.  She was great to work with.

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Senior: Jacob

So, this guy comes in all prepared to pose… he apparently has been the main subject of his sister’s adventures in photography.  So, he’s used to being in front of a camera.  We were sure to give him some interesting challenges, though.  Had a great time with this guy.

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Senior: Ashley

Sometimes you meet that “perfect” subject… and this young lady wouldn’t stop being a great vision in front of the camera.  We had time, motivation, great light and wonderful timing.  And I think she enjoyed herself, too. 🙂

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Senior: Matt

It’s not often that a guy is really into his senior portraits… usually mom has to kind of “nudge” him a bit.  But Matt was ready to go, and had a few ideas of his own.  We encourage everyone to bring their ideas with them, along with a healthy dose of smiles and willingness to use some of our ideas, too.  The results often end up quite a bit better as a result.  Like this time…

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Senior: Rebekah

I often think that by the time we are done with a session, that some kids think they just spent the last two hours “playing” in front of a camera.  To be honest, that’s really the way it feels for me, too.  I’m always having a great time.  This particular young lady was game for just about anything, and we had a great session.

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Senior: Corey





This is a unique young man… well, not really.  In fact, he’s into the adventure and activities that many young men are.  The unique part is that he is following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps by becoming a fireman.  He has other interests, of course… but he loves being outside, and we had a great time with him.

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Matchmaker Update

Almost two years ago, at a senior consultation held at the studio, a young lady from Jefferson High (and her mother) and a young man from Martinsburg High (and his mother) sat through my 30-minute presentation and tour.  All the while, Matt (Martinsburg) and I were hitting it off, planning an epic soccer-based photo.  Ashlyn (Jefferson) listened with great intent, and laughed along with Matt and I was we plotted how we would create his hero picture.

To make a long story shorter, you can read the recount of the original meeting here.

Well, on Saturday, Matt and Ashlyn came back to the studio with Matt’s family.  We did some photos of his family, and then afterward did some portraits with just Matt and Ashlyn. While they were changing outfits at one point, I spoke with Matt’s mom and dad about their nearly two-year relationship.  It was only then that I learned that Matt’s parents and Ashlyn’s parents have also become close, taking a couple of vacations and trips together.  It’s been quite a two-year adventure.

In honor of their upcoming two-year anniversary together, here’s one of the shots from the session on Saturday.

Marshall and WVU students from Jefferson High and Martinsburg High

Senior Portraits: The Experience

I’m not sure how it was when you grew up, but when parents used to suggest family portrait time there was a big to-do about everything that went into it… it was a major outing and required a lot of coordination between parents, kids and attitudes.  As a kid, it was also boring.  Perhaps you’ve had this very experience as a child.

A large portion of every senior portrait adventure is in the preparation and session itself.  The pictures that come from the session are the results, but not necessarily the only reason you select your photographer.  “I’ve heard it is a great time!” and “It’s just so much fun.” are reasons you might consider one photographer over another.  Here’s some things you can expect from the typical senior experience:

A complete explanation of how the process works… a large percentage of new senior clients and their parents are inexperienced when it comes to senior portraits.  Becoming educated on the process is a big part of its success.  We call it “hand-holding” because that is essentially what we do from the start.  The phone call is the first step, and from there we take the lead.  You should always be kept apprised of what to expect, because it can be a daunting process.  Combined with automatic emails that are sent to you, we also invite everyone to a senior consultation, which serves to go over our entire program, give you a tour of the studio and our portrait park, and answer any outstanding questions you may have.

Follow-up… most of our seniors book in spring and summer, but usually for late summer and fall sessions. Many of them want the “tan” look, or have vacations, camps and other activities already planned for the summer.  That’s okay, because we keep in touch throughout the spring and summer to make sure they know we’re still ready for them. When a senior books with us, we contact them with plenty of information about what to expect, what to bring, and how the process works after the session.

Follow-on… The experience should never end when the order is placed. In fact, we try to make it a point to follow-on with our senior clients months down to the road with special offers and an opportunity to repeat their cap & gown photos with some in their own cap & gown, which may include any awards they may have earned.  This is an important part of building a relationship with our clients.

One thing we’ve always believed in is that a first-time client could just as easily be a repeat client, and we try to keep that in mind when working with people.  That’s why we like to give everyone a first-rate experience; fun, enjoyable, and with lots of opportunity to do some really cool stuff.  It’s so much more than taking pictures… it’s an adventure.

The main thing we provide is the experience to know how to adapt to many situations.  Our style is an eclectic blend of tried and true traditional, along with a big smacking gob of the contemporary stuff.  We want you to have a variety of poses and looks. You will.




Seniors: One week left to save 60%

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