Food Review: Bombay Peacock Indian Restaurant

Seems that whenever I go to a restaurant we’ve never tried, and report it on Facebook, everyone asks “how was that?”  Well, I’m not one to just say “it was good,” or “it was awful.”  No, you need to have a real report about every aspect I thought made up the bigger picture… according to me. 🙂

I’ve also been told I need to write more about stuff other than studio and photography.  So… here goes.

Bombay Peacock has three locations according to their website.  We went to the one in Kearneysville, which is right behind the DMV.  If you remember that the Taj Mahal was there for awhile, it’s the same suite.  Since those suites are set up like business suites, you have to park about two suites away and take a central stairway, then walk down the narrow sidewalk to get to their entrance.  But this is truly no big deal once you get inside.

Part of the experience for any non-American cuisine is indeed the atmosphere.  Unfortunately, the atmosphere here stops with the name.  Okay, that’s not quite fair.  The walls were painted in shades of blue and green, mimicking those you’d find in the feathers of a peacock.  The ceiling was standard office ceiling tiles (not painted), and the carpet was gray.  The tables were standard square/rectangle and circular restaurant tables.  However, the napkins were all cloth, and large.  The flatware was rather basic… but they worked. 🙂

The menu is colorful, easy to read and segmented by appetizers, chicken, vegetarian, etc.  In addition to the dish’s name, there’s also a brief American-ese description of the dish.  We selected a combination appetizer platter which included about two portions of four different appetizers with three tasty sauces (a mild peanut sauce, a spicy mint sauce and a sweet tamarind sauce) to start… it was really tasty and set our appetite just right.

For dinner Diana had Tandoori Chicken, a favorite every time she goes to an Indian restaurant.  I ordered the Mingh Ka Tikka, which is essentially boneless white meat chicken in Tandoori style.  Both were served with a plated side salad and cucumber-based yogurt dressing called Raita.  And this was truly the best part of our meal.  Tender doesn’t begin to define how succulent the chicken was.  The coating was cooked to perfection and every morsel was a treat.  We also got a side order of garlic Naan, which is a flatbread.  They also served a basket of non-garlic Naan, which later served us well to “clean our plates.”

The portions were generous, the server very attentive (if not a bit too chatty until another large party arrived), and the food was all around excellent.  And we were satisfied with our meal, even believing if dessert was free we couldn’t eat it.

Until our server offered a complementary dessert.  We both selected the rice pudding with pistachio topping, and it was excellent… and quickly consumed.

In all, I would give this experience a B+, and simply because I felt the atmosphere could use a little sprucing up, and the service could do with a little more emphasis on just the food service.  We definitely plan to return.  They have a buffet on Saturdays, for your information.

The other two locations are in Martinsburg (which I haven’t seen yet, but it’s supposedly on Foxcroft near the mall) and Hagerstown.

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