For the birds

I’m going to go out on a limb here (pun intended), and tell you about Diana’s nature photography.  Diana has hoped and prayed for a day (or days) when she can have tons of snow, hundreds of birds, and a long lens.  She got just that in mid-February with feet of snow, an unknown number of birds, and a 400mm (effective length) lens.  The results, quite honestly, are stunning.  Diana’s eye at capturing wildlife has always been spot on.  But the nuance she shows in this gallery is pretty much the eye of a years-experienced professional.

I’m not writing this because Diana is also my wife, but because her pictures are worth taking a look at.  For now, we’ve put up a print gallery for you to peruse and from which you may wish to purchase prints and canvases.  Later, we are planning to add products such as note cards, matted displays and more.

While I also love taking nature shots, there’s something about these that make me think “the birds have expressions.”  I wish I could caption them all, but maybe we’ll do something like that later.  For now, go take a look.  You can either click on the picture above, or click here to go to the gallery.  No password is necessary.  You can see various birds and bird combinations by clicking in the lower right corner.


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