Greg’s Wedding

We haven’t known Greg Sanchez a long time. But in that time, we’ve learned some of his quirks and a few of the reasons he seems a bit of a “spaz.”

This time, we were guests at a wedding. The second time in a month. Wow. I could get used to this! To actually take my time eating a nice meal without having to worry about if I need to pick up my camera and get the kid’s cute moment or the bride belly-laughing at Uncle Bob’s latest bawdy joke. But the best part was getting to dance with my lovely wife. We don’t get to dance much… so having the chance to do so twice in a month was wonderful!

Anyway… so we get to the church and find a parking spot… who knew? In the church’s lot… great. People, you have GOT to get to a wedding 30 minutes before the service. You get better parking, people don’t stare at you for arriving just before the service, and you get a great seat. We did.

It isn’t the first time I’ve heard popular music at a wedding. There was no church organ, no piano, no wailing singers, no choir. Just popular music… it was nice. The ceremony, as expected, was even entertaining… leave it to Greg to have a fun ceremony. Jessica was beautiful as always, graceful and elegant. They always seem so mismatched – but just keep reading.

Their exit song was “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” and this IS the first time I’ve ever seen the guests clap in rhythm with the exit song. And I’ve seen a LOT at a wedding. They knew they’d created quite a stir and were laughing all the way out.

So we headed to the reception. Oddly, I think we were the first ones there. I’m not really sure why. We didn’t leave first, and there was no “wait and throw bird seed or blow bubbles at them.” So, we just got there early.

The theme and colors were red and white. This meant red and white flowers (mostly roses and carnations, with some lilies thrown in), red tablecloths and white chair covers. They went slightly beyond that. The lights that surround the outside wall were alternated with red and white lights. And when Greg and Jessica were introduced, the bridal party all came in with hats and red/white boas. And don’t get all sexist here… in some cases, the girls wore the hat and the guy wore the boa. It was a cute display… obviously well choreographed.

Dinner was great… Greg is a big turkey and dressing afficianado, and so that’s what I ordered. It was very yummy. And we danced… not as much as at Zach’s wedding, but we did dance.

Oh! And I won the centerpiece! It was a really nice clear vase with red stone marbles and all those lovely flowers. Needless to say, Diana got the flowers. I kept the vase. 😉

It was very nice. There were some fun and funny moments. And yes, we watched the photographer work and made comments on his style. Greg says there are some good pictures of us from his wedding… I don’t think I’ve seen them yet. 🙁

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