Heather and Rusty

So Heather had only contacted us a month or so before her wedding, and seemed quite anxious and emphatic about having photos for her wedding. An easy-going bride, it didn’t seem like much of anything rattled her, and that proved to come in handy on her wedding day.

Heather has two children, a boy and a girl, who were in the wedding. Her son was the ring bearer and her daughter the flower girl. Both children seemed to understand that this was a special day, but like all children they got bored very quickly and didn’t want to keep being pretty and proper. 🙂

Heather ran late getting to the church for her 12:00 ceremony. We later learned that the reason was that there was some confusion with her reception site (Clarion Inn in Shepherdstown) and things had to be quickly rearranged to accommodate the reception, DJ and cake table.

One thing I love about weddings is flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. And this wedding was filled with roses. I love roses especially because the fragrance is so alluring and the petals are so soft. I’m sounding more manly all the time, eh? 😉

So the ceremony got a late start, but nobody seemed to care. We’ve long told brides that it doesn’t matter if they are running late – everything waits for them. She took that well in stride and walked proudly down the aisle with BOTH her parents to her waiting groom.

Once at the reception, things went smoothly. The DJ kept things going and dinner was served on time. The staff at the Clarion was, as usual, very helpful.

We want to wish Heather and Rusty a long and happy marriage.

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