Nightly Missive: Show Off!

This is bridal show season.  Everyone and their uncle’s brother’s sister’s relative from Europe is putting one on in some fashion or another.  In year’s past, we have participated in many of them.  And they can be a lot of fun, but are also a lot of work.  In most cases, there is about two hours of setting your booth, and another 5-7  hours of talking with brides, grooms, parents, other vendors.  Well… it’s exhausting.

In the past few years, we’ve narrowed it down to just one show a year.  The best reason I can give you is that shows cost money, time, and are a lot of work.  Since only about 15% of our business is weddings, we just cannot justify the additional expense for the return.  This Sunday, we are attending a bridal show in Hagerstown, hosted by The Herald-Mail.  If you’re going to be around the Valley Mall from 11-6, please feel free to stop by (psst, free chocolate!!!

We always look forward to meeting new people, talking about the latest and greatest venues and hoping against hope that we aren’t bombarded with an overload of noise from a nearby booth.  So far, that hasn’t been an issue.

Have a great evening!

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