One-Size Sessions For The Holidays

In the past, we have had several different holiday session fees.  One for in-studio, one for mini-sessions, and one for on-location sittings.  Well, no more.  We have decided to create just ONE sitting fee for the balance of this year for all family, baby, pet and event sessions.

And yes, this applies to on-location sessions, too.  No more on-location fees for the remainder of the year.  So, if you would rather have your portraits done in your home, a favorite family location nearby, or in one of our area’s beautiful parks, there’s no extra charge.  That could save you as much as $150!  The only requirement is that the location be within 20 miles of our studio.

A quick note about our studio before you decide to have them done at your favorite location.  In addition to our large, state-of-the-art studio facility, we also have a large portrait park in the backyard of our studio.  It sports 18 fixed sets, including a gazebo, porch swing, Spanish house, barn (complete with hay), fountain area (see picture below), double-sided rock wall (dark on one side, light on the other), park bench, beach and much more.  Because we grow ivy, most of these sets remain green year round.

But you need to act fast.  We have already booked nearly half of the weekend slots available before the holidays, and that’s BEFORE we sent out this information.  You must call to reserve your time and date, and you must pay the non-refundable session fee of $50 to hold your date/time.  We are happy to give you a quote for out-of-area sessions, special events and other types of photography.

Just call… 304-263-3100 (out of area, call 888-349-3686) 🙂

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