Senior: Megan

Before we get started, let me just remind you that I have a fairly good rapport with all the seniors who come to visit us.  I try to establish that rapport by striking up conversations on their school activities, work, and other interests.  The fun part of doing this is I get to learn more about people, maybe make a new friend, and relax my subject so that they look better in photos.  I wasn’t able to have quite the detailed conversation with Megan, because… well… Megan is just Megan.  She’s a senior, and that’s what’s important to her right now.

So, here she is…

Full speed ahead!

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  1. Boundless Photos | Wedding Photography

    Great set of studio photos, love the setup of the first one, thats a great idea for a shot!

  2. Seattle Wedding Photography by Kirk Mastin

    Great set of senior portraits. I'm sure she will love these for years to come.

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