Senior Portrait: Morgan

Morgan is the second of her family to come to us for Senior Portraits.  She wanted to be one of our senior models, too, and did a great job showing her classmates how easy it was to have fun in senior portraits.

The great thing about such a happy person is that it’s easier to photograph them.  Calm moments that erupt into spontaneous laughter means lots more fun, great creativity and a session that is bound to have plenty of excellent opportunities for great photos.

One thing we strive to do is to always create new images and location opportunities for our clients.  Morgan was definitely no different, and we had more than our fair share of photo ops with her during the summer.  Morgan’s future plans probably include genius level work, because she’s not just happy, but also quite a good student.  Keep up the great work!

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Senior portraits with a great smile in Martinsburg

They don't always smile, and that's just fine.
Bring your pets to your senior portrait session!
Laughter is okay with us at TLC Photography
Great senior session with Morgan

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