Senior Portraits 1-day Sale

I’ve thrown this out there before, but it’s just important enough to want to remind you about it.  This sale is going to occur on one day, April 27.  On that day, and that day only, we are takimg 75% off our senior portrait session fees.  That’s a savings of up to $183 off just your session (sitting) fees.

But we’ve sweetened the deal a little bit.  The first thirty to book your portrait session on April 27 (that’s next Friday, between 10am-6pm) will also get a $75 gift card (in the form of an order credit) toward their portrait order. That certainly makes things quite a bit more attractive, wouldn’t you say?

We’ve made it easy on everyone, because there are three great ways to get your senior session booked:

  • Call us.  Call 304-263-3100 (or toll-free if you are out of state at 888-349-3686) between 10am-6pm. If we are already on the line with someone else, leave a message.  We WILL call everyone back who called in.
  • Book online.  This year, you can book your senior portraits online.  Go to, and look for the instructions for booking online. It’s fast and easy, and you don’t have to worry about playing phone tag.
  • Come in.  We’d be happy to see you.  Setting up your senior portraits takes about ten minutes.  Select your sessions, give us a little information, pay for your sessions and you’re off!

There’s just one condition to the 75% off sale… the session fees must be paid on that day.  There are no other qualifications or requirements.

Here’s a copy of the flyer we have out and about.  You might want to print a copy out for yourself to remind you to call in.  Or book online.  Or stop by.

April 27… that’s the date to remember.Senior Portrait One Day Sale

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