Stop Teasing! Where’s the Free Stuff?!

Okay, okay!!

Yeah, you can’t say free and then not tell people about it.  But here’s where it starts. We’ve run all kinds of contests and promotions, both on our Facebook page and on the blog.  But we’ve always run them as photo-based contests (go figure, huh, that a photographer runs a photo contest).  Anyway… this, our first of many giveaways, is not a photo contest.  Instead it is a writing contest.  Read on… read on.

We are giving away a complete engagement portrait session.  You don’t already have to be a client, and there are no exclusions to the prize winners. In addition to the session, you will also get an 11×14 print from the session, and 25 save-the-date cards designed exclusively by us (includes envelopes).

So, how do you enter?

Simple. Tell us a story.  About how you met your future spouse.  Don’t be sparse with the words, either. “We met at a party” will probably not get you very far.  We need to feel the romance, and the “love at first sight” moments. Remember, we’re romantics here at TLC Photography… we adore a good love story.  But it’s not just us you’ll have to impress.  All of the submitted stories will be put on to our Facebook page for our guests there to read and vote on.  This is about a $475 value… all free.  All you have to do is write a story.

Here’s exactly how to do it:

  1. In the Comments section (Add Comments or Comments at the top or bottom), tell us your story. You’re welcome to get help from friends and your love, of course. But they should be original words and an original story… we can detect B.S. a mile away.
  2. You can add to it later if you want by replying to the comment. Don’t worry about saying something totally dumb, because all comments on our blog are moderated and won’t be published until we read them.
  3. On March 26, the comments will be transferred to our Facebook page and that’s where the voting will begin.  You can vote for as many stories as you like.  But the winning story will win the prize, of course.  To vote, get your friends and family to come over to our Facebook page and click “Like” on your story (each story will have your name on it).
  4. The last day to vote will be March 31.  The winner will be announced on April 2 (well, would you want to be told you won a $475 prize package on April Fool’s Day???).

If you KNOW of someone who is engaged, just got engaged, or might be getting engaged, TELL THEM ABOUT THIS.  It’s the potential to win a free portrait session… in-studio or on-location… and a bunch of free stuff to go with it.  Go now… tell all… or begin telling YOUR tale of how you met your spouse-to-be.

Go!  Start typing!

Engagement portrait at Morgans Grove Park



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