Summer Help

It is about this time each year that we start our quest for qualified help for the summer positions listed below. But please, before you apply blindly you must understand a few things about the job(s) and us. The jobs are most usually filled by people who are happy, eager to learn, don’t mind working with creative people (we aren’t the easiest), and have a mind that can create along with us.  We are a mom and pop shop, albeit one that acts and thinks on a bigger scale than that.  You should think that way, too.  The job descriptions don’t begin to scratch the surface. 🙂

  • Studio assistant – This person will help greet clients, show them to the dressing room(s), help carry clothes and props, setup sets, scenes, props and lights, watch and suggest alterations to hair, lighting, props and anything else, do the bidding of the photographer (i.e., get drinks, etc.) and clean up the studio when we’re done for the day.
  • Studio receptionist – This person will help greet clients, show them to the dressing room(s), get orders that are ready, take orders as needed, help with marketing, product, order assembly, framing, mounting, cleaning, and anything else we need for you to do.

Both positions are part-time, not permanent (although the potential is there), and have variable hours (i.e., there is no fixed schedule).  We are happy to work around school schedules, other jobs, children’s schedules, etc.  The perfect candidate for either position will be someone who doesn’t “need” the job, but wants to augment their income in our fast-paced studio.

Basically, we need good people who want to have fun, don’t mind doing grunt work, and can remain chipper at all times.  While we cannot legally state we need someone “of a certain age,” we are truly discerning and up front about the job during any interview. If you’re a wallflower, please don’t contact us. We want people who are going to work WITH us, not just FOR us.

To apply, do one of the following:

  1. Comment on this blog post with your name and how we can contact you.  Remember that all blog comments are public, though.
  2. Email me at
  3. Send me a private message on Facebook. (

PLEASE do not call.  The reason is simple… we want to leave the phone open for client calls.  If you contact us via messaging, we can email you with information that you can read at your convenience and respond accordingly.

Thanks for looking!

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