Tanya and Brian

So after about a month without any weddings, at least those where I’m the photographer, I got back in the saddle with one that was one of the most interesting I’ve done in awhile.

I started off by visiting the ceremony room, and the beauty of it all was eclipsed by some of the most interesting decorations. The theme was Venice.

The girls all got ready in a small room above the carriage house, and the oddest part about this was the chair sitting in the bathtub. The explanation was that since the mirror on the wall next to the tub was the best in the room that the chair was there so they could sit down to apply their makeup. Made sense to me.

This was an unusual wedding in that the groom had a lady as part of his party… It’s not the first time I’ve seen a female groomsperson, but the first one where her attire matched the groomsmen’s attire, only she wore a dress.

A little “side item” was a very interesting crush that was going on between the ring bearer and the older flower girl. Both were about 8 or 9, and it was cute to see the ring bearer bringing her flowers, dancing with her and everyone taking pictures of every move.

The party was pretty big… which means that there were a lot of people dancing, and I’m not sure I saw the bride leave the dance floor more than a few minutes at a time. At one point, even I was dragged on to the dance floor in a kind of “dance challenge” where each person who goes to the dance floor drags another person who is supposed to try to outdo what they did. Because I had two cameras on me, I did the only natural thing and did the cabbage patch with my primary camera. Hey, I was working, but I was also letting them know that I wasn’t a wallflower. 🙂

Here are a few more images from the wedding, a beautiful affair at the Purple Iris in Martinsburg.

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