The Terrace

I never know where I’m going from issue to issue with Valley Homes and Style magazine… that is to say, I never know where my destination will be for the front cover. It’s always interesting, and often challenging, but never boring.

This particular shoot was interesting before I even got there. Cindy told me that the home was on the terrace. She even gave me the address. I was baffled at first, but set to putting it into my GPS and determining how to get there. Even my little GPS knew where The Terrace was in Hagerstown. The name of the street is The. The name of the type of street it is is Terrace. So, it’s The Terrace.

Oh never mind… I didn’t get it at first, either.

But we did shoot a nice cover pic.

This photo was used on the cover of the Holiday issue of Valley Homes and Style. There are several other photos in there I did for Cindy’s article on holiday decorating. And our photos were used in three ads for various companies. Busy busy busy!

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