The View from Inside the Event

On the red carpet at Identity Crisis
Red Carpet

I generally consider myself fortunate to get magazine assignments where I can cover an interesting event.  And this one was definitely interesting.

A big draw for many with cameras is getting the opportunity to play “paparazzi” and covering much of the event from the perspective that everyone is a target and an opportunity.  It adds a fun viewpoint and is kind of a plus for those who like to feel like it’s all about them… and technically, it really is.

I took a different angle.  I shot the event from the inside, not from the outside.  And even in this blog article, I’m only showing a handful of images here, but there’s a way to see all of them by following the instructions shown a paragraph or two down from here.

When speaking with people in attendance, it was somewhat remarkable to me that this event was much smaller in prior years.  I “noticed” it last year, but really wasn’t aware of it.  This year, I was made more aware of it via a Facebook friendship with Tara Lowe.  Getting the magazine assignment pushed me right over the proverbial edge.

I hope we can all agree that this is for a very good cause.  The organizers, and everyone who played even a small role made a huge difference to the cause.  And that’s really what an event like this is always about.

So, here’s how to see the rest from this event:

All images are available for sale as prints or image files.  If you use the coupon code CRISIS, that will take 25% off your order AND we will donate 10% of your order to Breast Cancer Awareness via the same organization that Identity Crisis supported.


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