What is a Day of Beauty?

Remember the old Glamour Shots studios?  They would do your makeup, hair, even clothing and then set you up in with a fancy background and pose you so that you looked different.  It was all the rage for awhile.

This is nothing like that. 🙂

But there are some similarities.  First, the Day of Beauty sitting (the next one is November 20, a Saturday) includes a makeup session with the very talented Ceejae Custer.  She knows what it takes to make you look your best for the kinds of photos you want to do.  She will pamper you and make you look even more gorgeous, all the while giving you tips and helping to set the stage for the photos you want to have done.

Second, your hair will be styled by none other than the fabulous Brooke Clyde.  If you want drama, she can put it in your hair.  If you want sleek, she has that, too.  Whatever will look best is what she will do for you.  And she also has plenty of ideas for how to pose and look your best for the pictures.

Finally, and with the aid of a few beauty items, the photo session begins.  We always encourage you to bring the outfits and selections that you want to be photographed in.  There are no limits, and we even have a few items to enhance your experience, including boas, wraps, fabrics, sheers and more.  We usually encourage you to bring at least two outfits, and more if you are interested in creating a book.

Once the session is done, we will set up a private viewing for you.  There you can select the images you want, order what you need for gift-giving or display and we go into action creating the finished product.  We usually suggest a portfolio or portrait book, but we also have other specialty items available from your portrait images.

We invite you to contact us about participating in the Day of Beauty; which is Saturday, November 20.  The whole experience is only $99, and includes an 8×10 print (or credit toward any other item).  If you’d like to bring a friend, it’s only $79 more for that person… this is a perfect holiday gift for your significant other, and a great, fun time for your mom’s club, mothers & daughters, or just you getting photos for that special someone.

Call us at 304-263-3100 to set up your appointment or with any questions you may have.

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