Where are your pictures?

I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and saw something that was really depressing.

The brief conversation indicated that a family member was looking for pictures of her brother or cousin.  The common response was “I have some from a couple of years ago,” or “Mine are packed away, but I’ll look this weekend.”  But the most heartbreaking one was “All the pictures I had were lost when my computer was stolen last month.”

You know I’ve long been an advocate of printing your pictures.  Even if you only print a few, print them.  Put them up in your home.  Give them away to relatives and friends.  Keep the memories alive.  But don’t just store them on your computer.  Computers, like all technology, will inevitably fail.  And when they do, it is expensive and time-consuming to recover files from it, if they can be recovered at all.  You can back everything up via various methods, including online.  But ultimately the best method is to just get them printed.  Then they’ll always be there.

Don’t be THAT person.  We offer incentives to get prints versus just the digital files.  We’ll help you decorate your home with pictures of loved ones.  We’ll even be happy to help you print pictures that are on your computer.  And we’ll also help you back them up.  Even if they aren’t pictures that we provided for you.

Please print your pictures.  Before you have to say “they were lost.”


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