Who’s the “Best”?

So I’m watching a television show and one of those “we’re the best” commercials comes on… I don’t recall what it was for, but that they were claiming to be the best.  I kept thinking, “certainly your competition would like to have a say on that.”  And then I starting thinking that you see “the best” everywhere.

Who determines that?  And are they right?

Photographic coverage of your wedding or family events is a personal decision.  Often what truly drives your decision to hire a specific professional photographer is based on three simple things: 1) whether or not you like their work, 2) how well you get along with them, and 3) that they are a professional (there are a myriad of factors involve in this one, which is another entire post).  Whether or not they claim to be the “best,” as you’ll notice, is not a factor.

Claiming to be the “best” in anything is typically a hype word for marketing purposes.  The implication is by claiming you are the best is that you are better than everyone else.  That’s a pretty mighty claim, and one that should not be taken lightly.  So, if you really want to find out if someone is the best, ask them to show you how they are better than everyone else.  If they can’t, well… they aren’t really the best then are they?

I can honestly say that we try hard to DO our very best.  And we sometimes stumble.  Yes, we’re humans (though I have been accused of being from another planet at times).  And while we do try to give you the very best we have to offer, we are by no means the “best” at anything.  If we are qualifying based on the “three simple things” list above, however, we have literally thousands of clients who like our work, have a great disposition and approach to customer service and try to maintain a professional demeanor at all times.  As a result, we get lots of new clients, repeat clients and have maintained a studio in this area for over 15 years.  That has to count for something.

Anyone who claims they are the “best” either has no idea what they are implying, or truly believes their own hype.

Enjoy your week… looks like another week of beautiful days. 🙂

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