Workshops: Every Tuesday

We’re opening our next series of workshops, and they start  Tuesday, July 10.

The first one is the ever-popular “The Camera,” in which we explore the variety of camera types and styles, functions, menus and what all that mumbo-jumbo means in real life.  Everyone who has taken this class has come away with a more in-depth understanding of how to use their camera.  You can even ask Tony to spend some one-on-one time to go over questions specific to YOUR camera and the way you shoot.  The best part is that the first workshop is only $5… this does not include the one-on-one time, however, which is sold separately.

The next one, July 17 (also a Tuesday, oddly enough) is Photography 101.  This workshop gives you all the nuts and bolts in an easily assembled and simply understood set of very specific scenarios.  ISO, exposure, f-stops, shutter speed and much more will be covered.  Don’t worry too much about remembering it, though, since you will also receive a copy of the entire workshop in an easy-to-understand printed manual.  This workshop is only $39.99.

Keep up with all our workshops by going to The Workshops Link!

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