Zach’s Wedding

As previously posted, Zach worked for us for quite awhile. He mostly shot sports, but also was a second shooter at one of my weddings, did a lot of work around the studio, and in general was a good employee to have around.

He got married today. It was the first wedding we’ve been to in quite awhile where we weren’t working or helping out. As I said in the Ernesto post, it was raining most of the day, but nobody really seemed to care.

The ceremony was very nice. Zach’s grandfather, a minister, performed the majority of the ceremony. He did mispronounce Danielle’s name a few times, but nobody seemed to mind… the moment was too precious to worry about whose name was being said a little differently. And, as expected, Zach stumbled over his words a few times. I half-expected him to say “kiss it” when people were laughing at his miscues. But all well well, he behaved, and the ceremony was done.

On to the reception. I like pretty receptions. I like receptions where you know that it’s going to be nice, but you don’t want it to be garish (look it up). This was just that. Simply stated accents, nice attention to details, and a lot of fun. Brandy, also a former employee (why do people keep leaving us?) rode up with us and sat with us at our assigned table, which we shared with some of Zach’s college buddies. We didn’t see a lot of Zach, but he did stop by a few times, and Diana got a nice shot of me, Zach and Brandy (L to R, below).

The highlight of the evening was Zach donning a helmet and rope (spelunking gear) to go after the garter on Danielle’s leg. She was in hysterics the whole time, and the crowd got a big kick out of it. Typical Zach, adding some fun and zest to keep things going.

The dance floor was full most of the time we were there. In fact, we danced the last dance of the evening and gave Zach a last hug as we were leaving. I told him I was proud of him… he’d grown up a lot in the last couple of years. I hope we stay in touch.

Best wishes to Danielle and Zach… they are honeymooning in Antigua.

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