Holidays are for everyone

So often we find ourselves inexorably linked to the belief that without children, Christmas wouldn’t be worth celebrating.  After all, it is the son of Joseph and Mary that kind of started this whole thing.  Often times we find ourselves getting into the holiday spirit based almost entirely on the excitement in our children’s eyes.
This year, we have photographed more children’s holiday pictures than in any years past.  That tells me two things… one is that kid pictures make for really cute holiday gifts.  The other is that photography should be an important part of the reason we celebrate the way we do.
Little Morgan here is very strong-willed and had a lot of her own ideas.  But when we sat her in the middle of these boxes, her first instinct was not wonder and amazement… instead it was to determine how fast she could open all of them.  To her dismay, most of them were empty.
I guess that was kind of a cruel joke for a kid that’s only three. 🙂

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