Lighting Essentials Workshop

This workshop is available to all levels, as much of what will be covered can be a refresher for professionals who haven’t done studio work in awhile.

The Lighting Essentials Workshop home page has most of the information, but since I got a call today about it, I also wanted to add that we are going to cover on-location action lighting (such as for basketball).  The objective is to cover as much information, demonstration and situational lighting as possible on the first day.  On the second day we’ll begin practical, hands-on of many of the different kinds of lights and individual requirements.

If you want to bring your own lights, please feel free.  But it’s best to tag them so that they don’t get picked up by someone who has a similar bag.  Also, you MUST bring your own camera, lenses, batteries and cards.  You can also bring a laptop and your favorite processing workflow software if you like.

Refreshments are provided, and our facility is a working studio, not a hotel ballroom or warehouse.  Our class sizes are strictly limited to 10-15 students so that we can give you individual attention as needed.

A discount is available if you register before 1/31/2010, and additional participants from the same studio can register at an additional discount.

See you there!

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