So, Julia (and Marla)

We first met Julia during the 2009 Most Beautiful Baby Contest (by the way, the 2010 Most Beautiful Baby Contest starts on January 15!), and she won second place.  ‘Vibrant personality’ comes to mind when I think about Julia.  She’s just so full of life, has a very definitive personality, and a smile that just cannot be ignored… or, as Diana put it “would melt a snowman.”

So, she was back last week, with her mom (Marla) and we once again were graced by her fun-loving nature.  Early on, Marla asked us to create a couple of images from Julia’s new-found love of dance.  Since Marla was also a dancer in her teen years, we did a few fun things and some very meaningful ones (to both).  But I had an idea in mind that really kind of took me by storm.  It was to create a kind of contrast in the size and difference in “ability” from someone who has many years experience, and someone who’s just starting out.  This is what we came up with.

Yes, those are Marla’s legs. 🙂
Of course, they (Marla and her mother, Tabatha) also wanted some Christmas photos.  Julia had other plans… she wanted to do what she wanted to do (as most 3-year olds do).  But we managed to get a few happy images of her… this was one of their favorites.
This is a really great family.  I enjoy seeing them, even if just out and about.
Merry Christmas, Miss Julia (you too, Marla and Tabatha)!

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  1. Virginia Wedding Photographer - Bill Murray

    Nice work Tony, love the ballet pose and the young lady under the Christmas tree. Nice camera work. Well done!

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