Why Maternity Portraits?

In the last several years, we have seen a rather dramatic rise in the number of maternity portraits. Now whether this has been because we are a more visible studio, our marketing or samples, or if there are just plenty of people who want this level of intimate portrait for their home… it matters not. But it is interesting to learn some of the top reasons why people are getting maternity portraits done.

“I want my baby to see how much we loved him/her before they were born.” I think this is probably the most popular response to the question at hand. Many people want the baby’s father involved, too, so that the child gets a distinct sense that both parents really cared about the progress of their child and how beautiful the whole maternity process is. Many even went on to have video or still photography during delivery.

“The art of maternity is astounding.” True enough from many perspectives. From the parent’s angle, this may either be their only child or one of only two or three they are planning. You can get a family portrait every year, but how often is a woman going to be pregnant in her lifetime with one of her little bundles of joy? The art surrounding maternity images is, for us, about so many elements… the lighting, the color, the belly, and for some, the interaction between mother, child, father, family, and much more.

In the last few years, we have taken portraits of families with the pregnant mom, pets, older children, dads and even siblings of the mom-to-be. From full states of dress, with even the belly covered by a shirt or sweater to complete nudity for the sake of the art and intimacy of the portrait, we have seen so many people who genuinely care about making sure that the deep love and commitment to their child is captured forever after.

One thing is certain with maternity portraits. They are an amazing way of displaying a kind of love for the unborn child that ordinarily is reserved for the moments following birth. In a recent maternity session, mom and dad held alphabet blocks with the baby’s name in front of her belly. Dad was very into the whole thing and became something of a contortionist in order to do whatever was necessary to create the ‘good shot.’ It’s moments like those that render the emotion we feel as part of why we enjoy doing what we do.

So… why maternity portraits? It’s for the love.

Generally, maternity portraits are best in the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy. We always encourage people to bring any props they wish, their family, pets, and anyone else who you feel is important in your baby’s life. Often times, people bring samples of what they would like, and we will even present a few of our own ideas.

But one thing remains constant… we always do maternity portraits with grace, elegance and class. From fully clothed family portraits to totally nude works of art, the important thing to us is that you feel comfortable and at ease.

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