why TLC Photography?

Why wouldn't you?

Let's look at a few things, especially with regard to the things in which we specialize. We've left off Senior Portraits from this list, because it has a section all its own, and we didn't want the Portraits section to get all jealous and start the name-calling.

Children's Photography

This is kind of photography we enjoy the most and do better because of our extensive experience with children. We have developed a very specific approach to children, especially the younger ones who need a bit more time to trust someone. We take our time getting to know you, and through that, we get your children to become comfortable with us. We don't rush the sitting... we take our time and we like to think we get better results because we take the time to let the children come to us at their own pace.

When we photograph newborns, we are incredibly sensitive about their well-being and making sure they are comfortable. For that reason, we also take plenty of time with you to make sure that the baby is ready for the scenes and photos we are doing.

The best thing about our children's program is that it is truly something that we can all grow through. When the kids love to come in for their portraits, it usually means that the pictures will be better.

Family Portraits

To date, the largest family portrait we have done was 56 people. We have also done 32 in the studio, and while it took a bit of cooperation and patience, we managed to get a memory that everyone will treasure for years to come. Our approach to families is diverse enough that we can offer a variety of styles and images that will suit just about any taste. From the traditional to the "off-the-wall," we love working with clients to find their idea of the perfect portrait, and how well it meshes with what we have in mind as well.

Maternity Portraits

The beginning of motherhood, and the start of the family in many cases. Maternity portraits reveal your love for your baby before it's even born. We love creating new poses and sometimes rely on many traditional ideas as well.

what's the price?

This is an easy one.

We have a $50 session fee for all childrens and family portrait sessions. This covers a session of up to two hours, multiple outfits, several looks and plenty of images. Obviously, special offers will have different prices. Please see each offer for that pricing.

We have portrait packages that start at $129, and a collection of collages, books and folios for all kinds of portrait display options. We also offer in-house framing and matting with a large selection of frames to choose from.

Ask about long-term programs (including our Children's Portrait Program), and payment arrangements for orders over $400.

what is your children's program like?

We love kids... of all ages.

Seriously, kids are our favorite subjects. And not just because they are so adorable and cuddly. But because they are a genuine lot of fun to have in the studio. There are essentially three kids ages which define the photography we offer:

  • Newborn/infant - This age group, usually up until about 6-7 months, has very little motor control, cannot sit up, and usually does not/cannot smile on demand. It is this age group that we like to pose in unusual situation and have fun with their flexibility.
  • Pre-toddler/toddler - This is the age of interest and discovery. They are easily amused, entertained and cajoled into sudden bursts of laughter and wonderment. This group, usually 6-18 months, gives us all the opportunity to discover our world through their eyes.
  • Explorer - 18 months and up, these are the one who wander around, but are generally easily persuaded to let us get some great photos. It's a give and take at these ages... we're always up for a challenge.

Our biggest challenge with children is the parents. There are some basic things you need to know before bringing your child(ren) for portraits:

  • Don't use the portrait session as either a reward or punishment. We always want children to come to us without a preconceived notion that this is either going to be a very good or very bad thing.
  • Feed your older child prior to arriving at the studio. Children will invariably get food on their picture outfit if you feed them during the session. Obviously, there is an exception for infants and newborns, who generally have different schedules than older children.
  • Do not use the word NO during the time you are at our studio. We much prefer WAIT, because it does make them pause. The word NO carries a negative connotation, which may be passed along as reason to later not want portraits taken.
  • We start all children's sessions (especially with new clients) by talking with the parents with the kids in the room. By seeing that you are okay with us, the children will learn to trust us. We then move on to playing a game, like ball or a stuffed animal, with the parent. The child will soon become involved and great picture taking opportunities ensue.
  • Newborns are an exception to most of the above. We usually prefer that you feed them prior to the session or after you first arrive. Keep them warm and cozy so that they will sleep. We will do the same, and pose them once they are asleep. This all usually occurs as soon as you are done feeding them... no waiting is necessary. We have also discovered that the baby's mother should be 15-20 feet away from the baby; the newborn can detect the mother's presence, and expects contact as a result. We have comfy chairs within clear view of all our photography areas.

After your session, we will set up an appointment to come back to look at your previews. You can then select from the images to create books, collages, and prints.